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Is 14 Too Young for Breast Reduction?

Posted on March 14, 2017 by - Breast Reduction

Unfortunately, some teenagers develop oversized breasts due to genetics and family history. Plastic surgeons see patients as young as 14 that suffer physical and psychological discomfort from large, heavy breasts and seek relief from breast reduction. However, simply because a 14-year-old desires breast reduction doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a good idea to operate on a teenager. Dr. Carlos Chacon of Divino Plastic Surgery shares his thoughts on the matter here.

Consideration #1: Physical Maturity

Most reputable plastic surgeons avoid performing breast reduction on teenagers because teens have not finished physically developing. Operating on breasts that are still growing can compromise the surgical outcomes and require additional surgery in the future. Ideally, all teenagers should postpone breast reduction until they have reached complete physical maturation. This school of thought is supported by most insurance companies, which require patients to be at least 18 years old to qualify for financial coverage.

Consideration #2: Mental Maturity

Another consideration when discussing breast reduction for teenagers is mental maturity. Reputable plastic surgeons carefully screen all patients to ensure they have the mental maturity to proceed with their desired operation. And though it varies by individual, 14-year-olds and young teenagers generally are not mentally mature enough to understand the magnitude of their decisions, and to fully grasp the benefits and risks of breast surgery. It is critical that patients understand the risk of continued breast growth and the possible need for additional surgery in the future.

Advice for Teenagers Considering Breast Reduction

In spite of these considerations, 14 years old is not too young to research breast reduction and become educated about the available options. If you or your child wants to pursue breast reduction, make sure you do your homework and understand the potential risks and complications of surgery. Breast reduction has a very high patient satisfaction rate, but it is still a surgical procedure that comes with potential risks.

Dr. Chacon is happy to speak with anyone that struggles with oversized breasts about their options and review their candidacy for breast reduction. To schedule a consultation with the doctor, please call (858) 633-7546 or email Divino Plastic Surgery today.