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5 Breast Concerns That Lead Women to Plastic Surgery

Posted on December 2, 2021 by - Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery in San Diego

Many women view their breasts as an intrinsic sign of their femininity. If you’re unhappy with your breasts’ position, size, shape or other aspects, it may affect your self-confidence in everyday life. Divino Plastic Surgery can help you reach your ideal bust with one or more of these breast procedures.

Some of the common concerns patients mention to Dr. Carlos Chacon include:

1.    Large Breasts with Painful Consequences

Macromastia, or overly large breasts, causes a host of painful symptoms from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain to skin rashes and poor posture. Breast reduction is an excellent way to resize the breasts and improve related symptoms. Your breast size doesn’t have to limit your wardrobe or your activity levels anymore.

2.    Drooping Breasts

Breast ptosis (sagging) affects nearly all women regardless of their breast size. Breast drooping may be caused by or worsen after pregnancy, breastfeeding or massive weight loss. Breast lift elevates the breast tissues, removes excess skin and may reposition your nipples and areolas (the pigmented tissue around the nipples) for a perkier bust.

3.    Uneven Breasts

Asymmetrical breasts affect many women, but the size difference is typically not noticeable to others. Some women have stark differences in their breast sizes and shape. Uneven breasts can be caused by micromastia or hypomastia, which occurs when the breast tissue does not fully develop during puberty, leaving the breasts undersized and/or uneven. Breast augmentation with saline or silicone implants can balance your figure to give you natural-looking proportions with symmetrical breasts.

4.    Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction after a single or double mastectomy can help restore a sense of femininity that some women lose during breast cancer treatment. The procedure can restore the natural look and feel and restore your sense of self. Breast reconstruction typically includes breast implants and may be done simultaneously with a mastectomy or after your body has healed.

5.    Inverted or Enlarged Nipples

Dr. Chacon offers nipple repair and areola surgery to help women correct nipples that are extended, inverted or enlarged and address discoloration and puffiness in the surrounding areola tissues. The small incisions are concealed in the pigmented areolas.

Breasts come in many sizes and contours, and are as unique as the concerns women have with their appearance. Contact Divino Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation and see which type of breast surgery is right for you.