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Downtime: Plastic Surgery Opportunities Amid the Pandemic

Posted on November 12, 2020 by - Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery in San DiegoThe COVID-19 pandemic has prompted us to re-evaluate certain areas of daily life, such as how we work, learn, shop and socialize. According to San Diego plastic surgeons like Dr. Carlos Chacon of Divino Plastic Surgery, months spent working remotely and countless hours of video conferencing calls have provoked quite a few folks to look at themselves with a more critical eye. 

At our practice, Dr. Chacon has seen a noticeable uptick in plastic surgery inquiries, with many candidates mentioning that video conferencing has caused them to scrutinize physical flaws like drooping jowls, pockets of pesky fat or a crooked nose. Dr. Chacon is committed to exceeding the expectations of patients who want to improve their looks and feel more confident.

If you are distracted by a perceived physical flaw and curious about improving it through plastic surgery, this could be the right time to transform your look.

Why Is It a Good Time To Undergo Plastic Surgery?

More time to research desired treatments

With many social and recreational activities postponed or canceled, quarantine offers more time to carefully research and consider your desired treatment. When you are ready to discuss your treatment options in person with Dr. Chacon, you can rest assured that our office is following smart safety protocols during consultations. Or, if you would feel more comfortable with a virtual consultation, you can connect with the doctor over an online patient platform. 

Easy to stay at home and recuperate

Quarantine creates the ideal circumstances in which to stay home and recuperate from surgery. There are far fewer demands on your time and energy, so you can recover stress-free at your own pace.

If you need to run to the grocery store or pharmacy during your recovery, it is easy to conceal any residual bruising or swelling with a mask or long layers. And when it is time to go back to work, you can ease back into your normal workday routine from the comfort of your home office (with the option to turn off your camera for Zoom calls!).

Redirect disposable income to plastic surgery

Financially, it may be a wise time to invest in plastic surgery. Many of Dr. Chacon’s patients are diverting disposable income they would have otherwise spent on a vacation, tickets to concerts or sporting events or other experiences and putting it toward their desired treatment.

Learn More About Your Treatment Options

If you would like more information about pursuing your aesthetic goals with plastic surgery, Dr. Chacon is here to help. Call or email Divino Plastic Surgery today to take the first step on your plastic surgery journey.