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After Breast Augmentation: Dress Your Best this Summer

Posted on July 9, 2015 by - Plastic Surgery

Dressing after plastic surgeryNow that you have the bigger, fuller breasts you’ve always wanted, it’s time to flaunt them with confidence! Your bigger breast size means you can finally wear the clothes you’ve always wanted, now with the curves you’ve always desired. To get you started, here are a few shopping tips to help you look and feel your best this summer.

Get the Right Support from Your New Bra

Once you are fully healed and your plastic surgeon tells you it’s okay to stop wearing your surgical bra, it’s time to go bra shopping. It’s highly recommended you get measured first in order to find out your bra size. This makes choosing a bra easier because you can find one that fits you properly and provides adequate support to your heavier breasts. Again, it’s important to get the approval from your plastic surgeon before putting on any new bras. Underwire bras in particular can cause scarring or other complications if worn too soon after surgery.

Flattering Tops that Show off Cleavage

Low neckline shirts and dresses can reveal your fuller breasts while flattering your new figure. V-neck shirts and cowl neck shirts accentuate the breasts and can make your body look slimmer. Shirts and dresses with defined waistlines hug your curves to give you a sexier shape while styles with no defined waistline can hide your figure and make you appear larger than what you really are. For tank tops, choose ones that have thicker and stronger straps to support your new breast size.

A Bikini to Flaunt Your New Curves

Like your bra, your new bikini top has to support your new, fuller breasts. Choose bikini tops that have thicker, stronger straps to fully support your heavier bust. Halter tops and tankinis offer a lot of support while still showing off your perkier breasts and cleavage. Keep in mind that your new bikini top will have to be a bigger size than before, while your bikini bottom size may not have changed. Mix and match sizes to find the pairing that best fits your new figure.

For a Night out on the Town

Be ready for date night or girls’ night with the perfect light sweater or jacket. When shopping, look for sweaters and jackets that you can button up just below the chest to flatter your breasts. Choose a jacket or sweater that hugs every curve and looks great with a pair of jeans or summer dress.

Have Fun with Accessories

Don’t forget to add some flair to your new outfit with accessories that accentuate your neckline. Long or chunky necklaces can bring attention to your chest area and go well with a V-neck shirt. Pairing a dress with a belt worn on your waist or right below your chest can add shape to your figure.

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