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BBL Surgery Liposuction Techniques

Posted on December 31, 2020 by - Buttock Augmentation

BBL surgery in San DiegoIn sculpting the elegant contours of a fuller, lifted derrière, the cannula is a surgeon’s artistic instrument. It is the ultra-precise implement that makes liposuction — the targeted removal of fat from small pockets within the body — possible.

When used in a general liposuction procedure, the cannula shrinks fat pockets by suctioning away distended fat cells. In a Brazilian butt lift procedure it does something more — it allows skilled plastic surgeons such as San Diego’s Dr. Carlos Chacon to shape a beautiful new profile to accent the lower back.

Beginning to End

Liposuction techniques are used at each end of the fat transfer process of Brazilian Butt Lift. The cannula removes fat from areas of your body that may have excess amounts, such as the hips, thighs and abdomen. This fat is purified and injected into areas of the buttocks to build volume.

But adding fullness to the derrière is just one element of the process — existing fat that is inconsistent with your new, sleek look must be carefully suctioned away, to reveal the graceful shape within. Because aesthetic balance is so important, it typically takes two to four hours for a surgeon to harvest and transfer fat cells and reshape the buttocks.

The Procedure

BBL surgery is performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. Dr. Chacon may place the main incision between the buttocks and upper thigh, although an incision below the waistline is also an option, especially when tummy tuck is part of the same surgical operation. Through the incision, Dr. Chacon removes excess tissue and skin and probes unwanted areas of fat with the cannula. After achieving the desired volume and balance, he tightens the reshaped tissues and pulls the skin upward, creating the desired “lift” that is such an essential element of BBL.

Recovery Phase

At home, the initial healing phase requires two weeks of rest and lifestyle modifications, such as avoiding any sitting or reclining position that will put pressure on the buttocks. After six weeks, you will be able to resume most activities. By following your surgeon’s recommendations during this recovery period, including wearing your compression garment, you will help ensure that the unveiling of your beautiful new shape, whether at the beach or gym, will be a premiere to remember — for you and your many new admirers. 

To learn more about Brazilian butt lift, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Carlos Chacon at his San Diego-area office in Bonita by contacting Divino Plastic Surgery today.