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Have you found that no amount of dieting or exercise can give you the slim body contours and tight skin you desire? You deserve to have a body that reflects all your hard work. You’ll be pleased to discover just how many options are available for body contouring plastic surgery from board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos Chacon.

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Imagine feeling confident about the way you look, or being able to put on a bathing suit without embarrassment. Whatever your goal, share it with Dr. Chacon and find out how to make it a reality. To get started, request a consultation online to schedule an appointment at our cosmetic surgery practice in San Diego.

Body Contouring Services

  • Liposuction
    Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic surgery operations in the United States. Through tiny incisions in the skin, fat is removed using small suction tubes (known as cannulas). The key concept with our San Diego liposuction procedures is that fat is selectively removed because it is more loosely attached to the body. Blood vessels, nerves and skin are left intact and the skin then contracts (to some degree) around the patient’s newly-contoured figure.
  • Smartlipo™
    This form of liposuction targets fat cells in areas of the body that do not usually respond well to diet and exercise. Depending on the needs of each San Diego laser liposuction patient, treatment is performed under general or local anesthesia. Utilizing a tiny tube containing a laser fiber is inserted through a small incision. The energy from the laser dissolves the fat deposits so that they can be easily suctioned out. The heat from the laser then seals the blood vessels, reducing the bruising and swelling typically associated with traditional liposuction.
  • VASER® LipoSelection® for ultrasonic liposuction:
    VASER® Lipo, or LipoSelection®, is an advanced body contouring procedure that uses gentle ultrasonic energy to selectively target unwanted fat, while preserving other important tissue structures such as blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. Depending on the needs of each San Diego VASER® Lipo patient, treatment is performed under general or local anesthesia.For more information or to schedule a consultation contact our office.
  • Fat Injections
    Fat grafting in San Diego, commonly referred to as fat transfer or fat injections, has become extremely popular. As surgeons have improved fat grafting techniques, many patients have developed an appreciation for using their own fat to enhance droopy or flat areas of the body and restore youthful appearance.Let’s face it: most of us have unwanted fat in some areas. Fat grafting is a minimally-invasive procedure that removes fat from common problem areas like the abdomen or thighs and transfers it to other areas that benefit from augmentation, such as the buttocks or face. For many men and women in San Diego, fat grafting is a highly effective, modern body contouring procedure to restore or enhance fullness. This treatment can also be used to revise unsatisfactory liposuction results performed by other surgeons.
  • Tummy Tuck
    Loose skin, stretch marks and fat on the abdomen are among the most common reasons patients seek help from a plastic surgeon. In some cases, patients have excess skin and fat on the abdomen from weight loss. In other cases, age or pregnancy has changed the contour of the abdomen. Many are frustrated that diet and exercise do not tighten their lower abdominal skin. Some even lose the motivation to exercise because they can’t see their muscles underneath their loose skin. For many patients, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) in San Diego is their best opportunity to reclaim a youthful figure.
  • Mommy Makeover
    Mothers dedicate a great deal of themselves to their families. It starts with the pregnancy, where the mother’s body changes dramatically. Finally, there comes a time when mothers feel they’re able to address their own needs. After multiple pregnancies and breastfeeding, many women find it impossible for diet and exercise alone to restore their figures. Fortunately, mothers with permanently altered figures find that a Mommy Makeover in San Diego is an excellent solution. The Mommy Makeover is a term for the group of cosmetic procedures that many mothers seek following pregnancy.
  • Arm Lift
    Is a procedure that helps remove sagging skin on the upper arm. With our moderate desert and beach climate it is very normal to wear beach clothes and other comfortable, every-day clothing that shows our upper arms. It doesn’t make sense to wear long-sleeve shirts or other clothing to cover ones arms. If your wardrobe is predominantly by long-sleeved tops, it’s probably because you feel less self-conscious when you conceal the excess skin and sagginess of your upper arms. This embarrassing condition is suffered by many people. The effects of aging and gravity can have just as much impact on the upper arms as on any other part of the body. Weight loss, while certainly welcome for most people, can contribute to the condition.
  • Thigh/Leg Lift
    Procedure removes excess skin and elevates sagging thigh tissue that has lost its elasticity. Dr. Carlos Chacon at Divino Plastic Surgery wants to help you look your best, and will work with you in consultation to determine whether the procedure will help you achieve your goals. He will customize each thigh lift to your individual needs, utilizing techniques and incisions that will yield on optimal result and meet or exceed your expectations.
  • Buttocks Lift
    Many women—and men—consult Dr. Carlos Chacon about the procedure known as a Brazilian buttocks lift, butt lift, and butt implants. San Diego area residents find Dr. Chacon to be a top choice because of his expertise in butt sculpting surgery.When planning a Brazilian butt lift, San Diego patients can look forward to a double benefit: reducing areas of unwanted fat while gaining a perkier, rounded posterior. Dr. Chacon plans each procedure according to the individual needs of his patients, harvesting fat from target areas of the torso, thighs or knees and transferring it to create smooth, attractive contours optimized for each person.
  • Body Lift
    Typically to improve shape after weight loss in the patient who has had bariatric surgery or from a significant change in diet and exercise. A body lift usually focuses on removing the excess skin on the abdomen, buttocks, and thigh(s) areas that can’t be reabsorbed naturally by the body. They may also be combined with other arm or thigh lifting techniques to more comprehensively address excess skin that is not able to be corrected without surgical excision. Though it might not be a complete solution for people who require a body lift, liposuction can be used to enhance and balance the overall results as well.
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation or Labiaplasty
    Vaginal rejuvenation surgery have become much more popular in recent years as patient awareness of surgical options such as labiaplasty has increased. San Diego area moms often seek vaginal rejuvenation after having multiple children. Women of all ages opt for labiaplasty (reduction and reshaping of the labia) when they are bothered by elongated or misshapen skin due to aging, genetics or injury.
  • Male Body Procedures
    Dr. Chacon knows how to address men’s needs that are seeking body sculpting. He knows what is needed and what it takes to get proper results for our male patients. Whether you are looking for Male Liposuction or our Male-Tummy-Tuck, Dr. Chacon gives results that leave our patients looking at their peak shape.
  • Leg Vein Therapy
    Leg vein sclerotherapy is an injectable treatment, which helps to diminish the appearance of certain types of leg veins including, spider veins and reticular veins with no incisions, no downtime and minimal discomfort.

If you are having difficulty achieving a slim, healthy-looking physique with diet and exercise, body contouring procedures are great options. In fact, often concerns regarding the appearance of one’s body can be tied to concerns with the face and breast. Dr. Carlos Chacon at Divino Plastic Surgery specializes in evaluating body structure and developing surgical plans to help patients realize their goals. Call 858-633-7546 or request your consultation online today. If you have any questions about Financing your cosmetic surgery procedure, please visit our financing page.