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Breast Augmentation Options That Appear the Most Natural

Posted on September 10, 2021 by - Breast Augmentation

Breast Implant Options in San DiegoWhen Dr. Carlos Chacon meets with prospective breast augmentation patients for a consultation, one of the most frequent concerns he hears is a worry that their new breasts won’t appear to be “natural.” The good news is that an elite plastic surgeon like Dr. Chacon is an artist who understands how to increase the size of the chest without it looking artificial. Depending on each patient’s specific concerns, he offers the following recommendations:

Feeling Natural

If the main concern is how the breasts feel, then the optimal breast implant texture is silicone gel. Compared to saline options, silicone implants feel significantly more like actual breast tissue. That means that when someone else touches your breast, the silicone feels more realistic. In addition, women with silicone implants generally report that this texture feels more natural in their own body, making it easier to forget they have implants at all.

Looking Natural

On the other hand, if the top worry is how the breasts look, the solution may be to choose a different shape of implant. Traditionally, breast augmentation has been performed with round implants, but more recent advancements have produced the “gummy bear” implant, which is made of somewhat thicker silicone material and holds a teardrop-like shape. This shape better imitates a natural sloping breast shape.

Another way to ensure that breast augmentation looks natural is to choose an implant size that is proportional to the body. One of the biggest giveaways is implants that are much bigger than seem natural for a woman’s frame. While in no way is it a bad decision for women a dramatic transformation, those who are concerned with breast augmentation seeming natural may want to consider a moderate increase in size rather than a drastic one.

Having Natural Ingredients

While Dr. Chacon uses types of implants that he knows to be highly safe, many patients do express worry that their implants may rupture. Even if the risks of rupture are extremely low, knowing that broken silicone gel implants need to be removed as soon as possible to prevent harm to the body is enough reason for some women to want to go in a different direction. In these situations, women may opt for saline implants (even though they are less natural to the touch) because the sanitized salt water poses no threat if it should leak into the body. Instead, the body naturally expels the saline solution without consequences.

Discuss These Options with Dr. Chacon

Ultimately, how each patient defines “natural” will determine the direction she takes for breast augmentation. If you are considering breast augmentation, Dr. Chacon is happy to talk over all of the relevant options with you so you can make decisions that you will be comfortable with. For an appointment, please call Divino Plastic Surgery at (858) 633-7546.