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Breast Revision Surgery – Is it right for Me?

Posted on April 7, 2013 by - Breast Revision, Breast Surgery

Breast-related surgeries in San Diego are becoming as popular as ever in this day and age of cutting-edge technology. Due to technological upsurge and advanced scientific knowledge, people’s trust and satisfaction in surgery procedures in general have soared to great heights. Despite general satisfaction, there are many who are not satisfied with the way that their breasts look after surgery.  The dissatisfaction is typically related to one of the following items: repositioned implant, scar tissue around an implant, or deflated implants. Fortunately, a breast revision surgery can be done to fix aesthetic issues and defects from a prior breast enhancement surgery.

Dr. Carlos Chacon stands out as one of the leading cosmetic plastic surgeons on breast surgical revisions. He has substantial skills, training and experience to provide satisfying results. Dr. Chacon’s  successful track-record when it comes to breast revision surgeries can largely be attributed to his mastery in combining his surgical skills and innate artistry. He is adept in different surgical approaches to solve both simple and challenging breast revision concerns. Before any actual surgery, Dr. Chacon will discuss with you all of the inherent risks and benefits as well as the proper expectations.

Revision surgery on breasts is typically performed as an out-patient procedure using general anesthesia. It is recommended that out-of-town patients should bring along a companion to provide menial assistance for the days following the surgery. Another option is to stay in a nearby hotel or aftercare facility with a private-duty nurse. Patients must take serious note of the post-surgery and recovery procedures given by Dr. Chacon.

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