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Butt Enhancement Recovery Tips

Posted on June 27, 2016 by - Buttock Augmentation

Butt Enhancement Recovery TipsAs buttocks enhancement grows in popularity, many people have questions about the procedure and the recovery involved. Dr. Carlos Chacon offers several options for buttock augmentations including Brazilian butt lift, traditional buttock lift and butt implants. Calling on his years of experience and his expertise in the field, Dr. Chacon offers these butt enhancement recovery tips for San Diego butt augmentation patients having the procedure or simply considering it.

Recovery Time

Every patient is different, and recovery times vary as well. Recovery is also dependent on the procedure or combination of procedures performed to augment the buttocks. Generally speaking, most patients should take at least two weeks off from work (many take longer if their job requires a great deal of sitting).

Recovery Instructions

You will need to wear a specialized support garment during your recovery. These garments put gentle compression on the healing tissues and prevent excessive swelling. During the first two weeks following the procedure, it is important to avoid putting direct pressure on your buttocks; this means little to no sitting. Basically, you should only sit when absolutely necessary. When you do have to sit, you can use a super-soft cushion or donut-shaped pillow to avoid putting additional pressure on the buttocks. You can and should lie on your side or stomach during the majority of your recovery.

Resuming Exercise after Your Procedure

While you’ll have to avoid strenuous exercise immediately after surgery, you will want to begin taking short walks the first night to prevent the formation of blood clots in your legs. When your doctor clears you to resume exercise (usually at two to three weeks), you’ll want to focus on weight training, which won’t affect your buttocks area. This will permit your “new enhanced buttocks” to heal and allow the shape to stabilize. About a month after surgery, your doctor will likely clear you to engage in more strenuous activities, including elliptical training, speed-walking or swimming.

Consult with Dr. Chacon

If you have further questions regarding butt enhancement, schedule a time to consult with Dr. Chacon at Divino Plastic Surgery. Email or call us today at (858) 633-7546.