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Can I Have a Baby After Tummy Tuck?

Posted on November 22, 2016 by - Tummy Tuck

image027-300x199Are you considering plastic surgery to correct pregnancy-related changes to your midsection — but also considering becoming pregnant again? Or perhaps you are done having children, but a few years down the road are surprised to learn you are expecting. Pregnancy after tummy tuck is a topic that often comes up in consultation with San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos Chacon. Read on to learn more about what you need to know.

What Tummy Tuck Accomplishes

Tummy tuck surgery, which is often folded into mommy makeover, focuses on improving the appearance of the midsection. The steps of the procedure are intended to address the physical effects that pregnancy, significant weight loss and aging have on the abdomen.

During the operation, a horizontal incision is created on the lower abdomen, right above the pubic hairline. Through the incision, the muscles of the abdominal wall are repaired and sutured together. Excess fat deposits and folds of skin are removed. The belly button may be relocated higher on the abdomen. Finally, the remaining skin is re-draped tightly over the new contours of the abdomen and stitched together.

Tummy Tuck Is Physically Possible after Pregnancy, but Not Recommended

It is physically possible to safely become pregnant and deliver a baby after having tummy tuck surgery. The operation does not alter the anatomy as to prevent future pregnancies or present harm to the baby or mother. Dr. Chacon has seen tummy tuck patients who have become pregnant after surgery and enjoy safe pregnancies and healthy babies.

Having said that, having a baby after tummy tuck is not recommended because it may cause cosmetic changes that require further surgery to correct. For example, abdominal muscles that have been repaired during surgery may become weakened, damaged or stretched-out throughout pregnancy. Weight gain can leave behind stubborn fat deposits and stretch marks. If this happens, revision surgery may be needed.

Every woman’s body responds differently to pregnancy and tummy tuck, so it is difficult to predict specific outcomes. Women that become pregnant after having tummy tuck should consult with their obstetricians and a trusted plastic surgeon about their options.

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