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Celebrities that are Rumored to Have Had Butt Implants

Posted on June 12, 2016 by - Buttock Augmentation

shutterstock_189090659Butt implants are currently all the rage in Hollywood and around the world as fashionable celebrities flaunt their attractive, plump buttocks. The fashion world’s focus on the behind was recognized in the fall of 2014, when Vogue welcomed the “Era of the Booty.” Almost immediately, rumors began flying about which celebrities had surgically enhanced their buttocks — some confirmed, some denied and most remained coy.

This blog post discusses the celebrities that have admitted to having buttock surgery and those that are merely rumored to have had enhancement.

Definitely Have Butt Implants

Some celebrities are happy to share the news of their buttocks implants, believing everyone should have a body they are comfortable in and can love. British television star Chloe Sims, of “The Only Way is Essex,” has readily admitted via social media that her buttock augmentation makes her feel more beautiful and confident. Heidi Montag, who rose to fame on “The Hills” and is currently a fashion designer,  singer and LA socialite, confessed to multiple butt augmentation procedures in People magazine.

Rumored to Have Butt Implants

It seems butt implant rumors are always reappearing on social media as well as mainstream media. Singer, songwriter and rapper Nicki Minaj’s voluptuous butt is ever the subject of rumor — did she or didn’t she get butt implants? The rumors of a fake butt continue to plague Nicki. Her response? Continually showing off her plentiful booty with clock-like regularity.

Fellow rapper Iggy Azalea has faced her own barrage of butt rumors. In typical Iggy fashion, she makes no comments either confirming or denying the rumor of her ample buttocks. Ever in the public eye, Kim Kardashian also seems continually caught up in a swirl of plastic surgery rumors, and her butt is no exception. Unlike Nicki and Iggy, Kim repeatedly denies having an augmented butt.

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While it is fun to speculate about who did and who didn’t get buttock implants, remember that when the time comes to enhance your own derrière, Dr. Carlos Chacon is available for a surgical consultation. Contact us via email at [email protected] or by calling (858) 633-7546.