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Change Your Life With a San Diego Breast Lift!

Posted on November 5, 2013 by - Breast Lift, Breast Surgery

A San Diego breast lift, medically known as mastopexy, is designed to lift sagging breasts and make them appear fuller and firmer. The nipples may be repositioned as well. However, a common misconception among the general public is that this breast procedure could dramatically increase the size of one’s breasts. For women who wish to significantly increase the size of their breasts, breast lift alone may not be enough. The procedure could be done in conjunction with breast augmentation either via silicone or saline implants for an increase in breast size to occur.

It’s About Your Self-Esteem

There’s no denying that a woman’s self-esteem could be affected by her overall appearance, including that of her breasts. Sagging breasts brought about by pregnancy, weight loss, breastfeeding or any underlying condition could significantly affect a woman’s self-image. Unfortunately, diet and exercise is not enough to stop the loss of breast firmness.

How a San Diego Breast Lift Could Change Your Life

If you’ve been struggling with self-image issues for a while now due to sagging breasts, deciding to undergo a breast lift with Dr. Chacon may significantly help change your life for the better. When examined closely, poor self-image could actually contribute to problems in your career, relationships, and your lifestyle.

The following list includes examples of how a breast lift could actually help you change your life for the better:

  • You will be more confident and comfortable when you exercise.
  • You can stop wearing push-up and padded bras to support and push-up your breasts.
  • You may benefit from a reduction in severe back pain, as a lift can help with posture!
  • You can finally wear strappy garments.
  • Overall, you will feel better about yourself!

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