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“Let me start off by saying this procedure is something I have been looking into my entire life. I have been uncomfortable with my body my entire life. I am a top-heavy woman, I carry all of my weight in my stomach and arms and back. Since I have felt dipropionate all of my life I have been trying my best to correct my figure through exercise, after many years of working for a fuller bottom I still didn’t receive the result I wanted. I knew this is something that genetically my body wasn’t really designed to change overnight. I set up a consultation with Dr Chacon and walked out of the consultation knowing this procedure would change my life and the way I see myself, I knew it was something I wanted. Dr Chacon was awesome and very professional, he was sweet and really wanted to know my end goal. Lauren and the office staff was also warm and sweet, she made my experience a lot better with her kind hospitality – and I’ll tell you doing a procedure is not something that should be taken lightly, the people in the office should be hand chosen that are tender genuine individuals. It is nice to have people in the office that genuinely care about you and aren’t just taking your money… you are spending a lot of money on this so having warm welcoming people that want to connect with you in the office is crucial to your experience. I will say that I am extremely satisfied with my end product. I feel like a sexy new woman. My confidence is through the roof, my back was carved out to have a sexy feminine curve my waistline has gone down so much and I have a natural looking fuller bottom. I have a curvy body now that every woman wants. My results are more than I can ask for!! I’m so happy with my body and would definitely recommend Dr Chacon all over again!” – C.L