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“Dr. Chacon honestly cares about his patients and delivers Great Results!!!” – I.G.

This 33-year-old woman wanted larger and shapelier breasts and several refinements to the shape of her nose having already undergone a previous rhinoplasty.  She was also concerned about the fatty deposits on her abdomen, lower back and neck, which disrupted the smoothness of her body’s curves.  Wanting to find a dedicated cosmetic plastic surgeon that had lots of experience performing rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and liposuction, she scheduled a consultation with Dr. Carlos Chacon.

Although another surgeon had performed rhinoplasty several years previously, she was disappointed with her results.  Revision rhinoplasty is often requested by men and women who consult with Dr. Chacon.  Although highly complex, a revision rhinoplasty can be performed when previous surgeries did not succeed to achieve results that help patients look more attractive. Dr. Chacon’s reputation, experience, and skills are why patients have come to trust us for these repeat surgeries.  Dr. Chacon performed a complex revision operation that included several nasal tip refinements for an improved aesthetic appearance.  Her nose now matches the rest of her features and has a perky and narrower tip having exceeded her expectations.

Dr. Chacon also helped her decide upon a variety of options so he could provide the best possible results that would meet her desired breast look. First they considered her breast implant options and selected «gummy bear» implants. These silicone implants are popular for their ability to maintain their shape. Together, she and Dr. Chacon decided that size 505 cc implants would achieve her desired look.  She also expressed her desire to better define her abdomen and lower back for a more hourglass shape. Dr. Chacon recommended that she have power-assisted liposuction, a method of liposuction that is very effective at removing fatty deposits with no uneven contours.

Power-assisted liposuction, sometimes called PAL, is one among many methods for liposuction that Dr. Chacon performs. With PAL, a small electric motor vibrates the liposuction cannula, aiding the surgeon by amplifying the motion of the tool, which helps to dislodge deposits better, thereby making the removal process smoother.

Dr. Chacon inserted the implants through inframammary incisions into submuscular pockets. As her results show, her breasts maintained a natural yet full appearance. She loves the feel of her new gummy bear implants.  Following her liposuction, her body appears more streamlined and contoured. Her abdomen has been slimmed and has a more contoured waistline in combination with her lower back for a uniform curve that is a sexy and sleek appearance. She was absolutely thrilled with the results and she was able to resume work within ten days of her liposuction and breast augmentation.

“I can’t explain how happy I’m with my results; my body contour and breasts came out perfect!  The liposuction really sculpted my body with night and day results.  Dr. Chacón truly enhanced my body and I would it again in a heartbeat!” – I.G.