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“I have been thinking about getting my boobs done since the age of about 18 (when I realized they weren’t going to be growing anymore). I was an A cup all my life and I was tired of it. I finally decided that I was ready to go through with the procedure so it was time to start going on consultations. Dr. Chacon wasn’t my first consultation, but he was definitely my last! The reason(s) why is because Dr. Chacon was VERY informative. He literally explained every last detail to me in my consultation and he spoke to me as if I knew NOTHING about breast augmentation procedure. I really appreciated that because in past consultations, the doctors would speak to me as if I already knew what they were talking about….and they never lasted long! only about 20 min. max. But with Dr. Chacon, I was in my consultation with him for almost an hour and a half and not once did I feel rushed by him. He truly seemed like his mission was to make sure I was comfortable with him (that I felt he wanted the best for me), and I left with no questions, which is exactly what happened. My actual procedure was about a week after my consultation (they were competitively priced and gave me a great military discount). Before the procedure they gave me instructions to prepare me for surgery (filling prescriptions, do’s and don’ts, making sure I had transportation to/from, etc). When surgery day came, I was SO excited, not nervous at all! Even though I’d never had surgery of any kind, I was so comfortable and familiar with the entire team, I think that’s what put me at ease. After surgery, it took about a week for me to start feeling like myself again (being able to sleep more comfortably, having more mobility in my arms, soreness got a lot better), but I was only on pain pills for 1.5 days! I was definitely sore, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected. My follow-up appointments all went well and I am truly glad I went with Dr. Chacon. I ended up with 550cc, which is great because other doctors were not willing to go as high. It’s been about 5 months since surgery and I couldn’t be happier, I love them!” –  N.Q.