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“I can tell he genuinely cares for his patients like family. He is also a perfectionist & he fixed my scars!” – R.C.

This 26-year-old armed services veteran wanted to enhance her breasts to meet her desired proportions.  Her breasts had developed capsular contracture or over-scarring around implants she had placed in her breasts just over a year prior to her visit with us.  She wanted San Diego Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Carlos Chacon to mend the damage caused from having her previous implants and receive new and better breast implants with improved scar healing.

She had an in depth consultation with Dr. Chacon. During her consultation, he explained in detail how he would remove her previous breast capsules or scar tissue and place new implants of her desired size to meet the look she wanted to achieve. She decided that she wanted to have larger implants, made of silicone gel or “gummy bear” implants, inserted to replace her old ones.

Incisions were made around the lower edge of her areolas to completely remove her old scars for a new and better closure.  Dr. Chacon removed her breast scar tissue and implants. Her new Moderate Plus Profile 600 cc silicone gel implants, were placed in a submuscular pocket on each breast.

Now her breasts are the larger size she desired and her new implants give her a much fuller look with a very nicely healed incision. She is very happy with the enhanced look of her breasts following this revision from her previous breast augmentation.

“I got capsular contracture on my older implants and was in a panic. I could not afford the prices given to me by other surgeons. Not to mention my old surgeon ignored my earlier signs. I came to Dr. Chacon emotional and scared. He saved my life. Worked with me on finances and I am so pleased with how perfect they came out!!!!” – R.C.