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“Everything about my experience with Dr. Chacon and his team has been amazing. I did a ton of research and read tons of reviews before deciding to go in for a consultation with Dr. Chacon. The whole staff is incredibly welcoming and made me feel very comfortable and Dr. Chacon did a great job of giving me plenty of information without overwhelming me or making me feel pressured at all- in fact he even told me that even if I didn’t choose him as my surgeon, he intended to educate me on the type of qualifications my surgeon should have.”

“After considering a breast augmentation for years I knew I had found my doctor. I scheduled my surgery, expressed all of my concerns and expectations for size, etc. and Dr. C nailed it. He doesn’t leave you as a patient up to the task of picking a size based on sizers since they don’t really give you the full idea of your result. Instead, he listens to your desired outcome, shows you examples of his own patients, and then goes into surgery day with more than one size.”

“I am 3 months postop and couldn’t be happier. He hit the size for my petite body spot on and my incisions look great already. Dr. Chacon has a ton of experience and really knows how to listen to his patients- I have sent 2 friends to him and they are both very happy with their results as well. If you are looking for a great Doctor, I would suggest at least having a consult Dr. C, you won’t regret it!” – S.I.