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What Is Brow Lift?

Brow lift BonitaBrow lift is a popular and effective way to rejuvenate your forehead. Years of sun exposure and your aging body’s decline in collagen production can cause your forehead skin to sag and develop lines. Brow lift addresses these concerns by tightening the skin and muscles on the upper face, thus diminishing unwanted lines and elevating the eyebrows.

Brow Lift Benefits

Raising your eyebrows

When you look at younger faces, you will notice that the eyebrows sit higher on the forehead. Older foreheads lose their appealing arch as forehead skin droops. By elevating the forehead, the eyebrows achieve a rounder, more youthful appearance.

Diminishing creases and lines

Your skin becomes thinner and less taut with age. Unfortunately, this means that the lines that form on your face when you make common expressions can become permanent. Most noticeably, this includes the vertical frown lines between your eyebrows and the long horizontal lines across the brow.

Improving the way that you are perceived

Not only do you look younger following brow lift, but friends and colleagues may perceive you to be friendlier. Since the lines on the brow are associated with angry expressions, eliminating these lines allows you to convey your true emotions better.

Minimizing eyelid drooping

Blepharoplasty is a separate (but often combined) procedure that lifts drooping upper eyelids. However, you may see improvement to sagging eyelids after brow lift alone since loose forehead skin is no longer weighing them down.

Brow Lift Approaches

Our experts can perform brow lift in multiple ways, allowing us to customize the procedure for your unique cosmetic needs. Techniques include:

Coronal brow lift

This is considered the traditional approach. Coronal brow lift uses incisions along the hairline for easy concealment. The loose skin is tightened, and the muscles, fat, and other tissue underneath are repositioned for a more youthful appearance. It is preferrable if you have more severe signs of aging.

Endoscopic brow lift

Endoscopic brow lift is a less invasive approach that uses a fiberoptic camera inserted through tiny incisions to guide the repositioning of tissue without needing to tighten the forehead skin. Because of the easier recovery, this approach has become the most popular brow lift option.

Temporal brow lift

Temporal brow lift focuses attention exclusively on the outermost areas of your forehead where signs of aging first appear. This makes it a good choice for patients who want to make cosmetic enhancements early. Like endoscopic brow lift, this approach is also less invasive.

Brow Lift Recovery and Results

Brow lift procedure BonitaPatients who choose a less invasive approach to brow lift usually feel well enough to resume normal activities, including work, in less than one week. Lingering discomfort after your procedure should clear up within a few days, and it can be easily managed with pain medication.

Result timelines differ depending on the approach. Coronal brow lift results last about 10 years before the aging process takes hold again. Endoscopic brow lift results can last between five and eight years, while temporal brow lift results last about three to five years.

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