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Otoplasty Bonita, CAWhen people list their best physical attributes, rarely do they mention their ears, and they do not want their ears to be one of their most prominent features. Ears tend to stick out (sometimes literally) most when they protrude further than normal from the face or are misshapen in some way. These issues can be addressed with otoplasty, a cosmetic ear pinning or ear reshaping procedure, so that the more attractive features on your face draw the most attention.

Candidates for Ear Procedures

Ear pinning is appropriate for people with ears that point outward from the face rather than resting close to the sides of the face. Outstretched ears make ears look bigger and can be the source of teasing among children. Because a person’s ears have almost fully grown by the age of six and pinning the ears is a minor procedure, many children (as well as adults) are good candidates for this treatment.

Ear reshaping is appropriate for people who were born with a malformity or have asymmetry between their ears. It is also common amongst athletes like wrestlers and boxers who have developed cauliflower ear (perichondrial hematoma).

Ears that formerly had a gauge piercing or that have been torn by a snagged earring can be corrected with a lobe procedure.   

Benefits of Otoplasty

Patients develop a more balanced look with harmonious facial features after otoplasty. As a result, patients tend to feel more confident and attractive. This procedure can be especially helpful to children who have been bullied by their peers.

Procedure Details

Otoplasty Bonita, CATo pin the ears closer to the head, your doctor carefully removes a small amount of cartilage and skin from behind the ears that are responsible for pushing the ears outward. The remaining cartilage is sutured so that the ears lie flatter against the head. 

For a mishappen ear or torn lobe, your cartilage is delicately reshaped by a doctor either removing or reconnecting tissue to achieve the patient’s preferred appearance.

Any necessary incisions are performed behind the ear where minor scarring (that should largely fade over time) can be easily concealed. Otoplasty is an outpatient procedure. It is usually performed using local anesthesia for adults and general anesthesia for children. Otoplasty is widely considered a safe procedure — it has no positive or negative effects on your hearing.

Otoplasty Results

Cosmetic ear procedures are permanent. You should enjoy your newly pinned or reshaped ears for the rest of your life. To protect your results, please follow your doctor’s instructions in the weeks after your procedure, which usually includes wearing a compression headband and avoiding activities with potential physical contact.

Otoplasty Costs

Since each ear procedure is customized to the requests of the patient, prices can differ significantly. During a consultation with your plastic surgeon, you can learn the specific costs so that you can make an informed decision about your care. Financing options are available.

Learn More About Otoplasty

To schedule a consultation with the experts at Divino Plastic Surgery and discuss what otoplasty can achieve for you or your child, please call (858) 633-7546 today.

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