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What is Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty, is a procedure used to correct loose skin, pouching, and sagging around the eye, in addition to removing fatty deposits which cause puffy bags around the eyes.

Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty Bonita, CABlepharoplasty can make several positive cosmetic and functional improvements to the eyes, including:

  • Helping your face to look younger
  • Minimizing “hooding” caused by drooping upper eyelids
  • Restoring a more vibrant, friendly, and rested appearance by smoothing out under-eye bags
  • Enhancing your field of vision by allowing your eyes to open wider
  • Improving eyelid symmetry

Why Consider Eyelid Surgery?

A blepharoplasty can be appropriate for patients of different ages, and can be performed on your upper, lower, or both eye lids. For people who wake up in the morning with tired looking eyes, dark circles, puffiness or bags under their eyes, an eyelid surgery will create a more youthful and alert look; to a person who, with age and time, desires the removal of excess skin, which may be affecting self-image, and even vision.

Eyelid Surgery Procedures

You may choose from two types of blepharoplasty: upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery. These procedures can be combined to enhance the rejuvenating effects.

Upper eyelid surgery focuses on elevating the position of the upper eyelids. Your doctor tightens the weakened eyelid muscles and removes excess tissue and skin that weigh down the eyelids. The combination of these changes allows the eyes to open more completely for a rejuvenated appearance.

Lower eyelid surgery addresses the area just below the eyes. By carefully removing and repositioning fat and tissue in this area, your doctor can smooth and refresh your eyes to minimize the dark circles and deep tear troughs that form due to genetics, sun damage, and aging.

What Results Should I Expect From Eyelid Surgery?

While candidates for blepharoplasty are generally around the age of 40, or older, some younger people seek eyelid surgery to correct inherited droopy eyes. Eyelid surgery can be very effective and provide more youthful, alert and refreshed appearance. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, for patients of Asian descent, an eyelid procedure can also be used to add a crease to the upper eyelid. The best way to find out what blepharoplasty can do for you is to request a consultation with Dr. Chacon today.

How Long to Recover From Blepharoplasty?

Eyelid surgery is often performed at the same time as other procedures that we offer at Divino Plastic Surgery, such as a brow lift, rhinoplasty or a facelift procedure. Eyelid surgery can also be performed in the office setting and the recovery time is about 7-10 days. The scars usually fade quickly and can be easily covered with makeup shortly after surgery.

Eyelid Surgery Costs

Blepharoplasty Bonita, CAThe cost of blepharoplasty depends on whether you choose to address the upper or lower lids (or both) and the extent of the aging/drooping that needs to be improved. During a consultation, the team at Divino Plastic Surgery can devise a customized treatment plan with a complete cost breakdown. Financing options are available for patients. 

Eyelid Surgery FAQs

How long can I expect my blepharoplasty results to last?

Upper eyelid surgery results tend to last over a decade, but the effects of aging (weakening muscles and skin laxity) can eventually undo many of the cosmetic improvements achieved with surgery. The procedure can be repeated if desired in the future. Lower blepharoplasty is rarely repeated because it generally produces results that last indefinitely.

How natural does eyelid surgery look?

Blepharoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the United States in large part because it is a subtler procedure. Techniques have evolved to avoid creating a windswept or surprised look. Your friends are likely to suspect that you are getting more sleep and taking better care of your skin rather than that you have undergone a procedure.

Can eyelid surgery improve my vision?

Blepharoplasty is primarily performed for cosmetic purposes. It does not change how well you see or address refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. However, there are some patients whose eyelids sag so significantly that it diminishes their field of vision. After upper eyelid surgery, you may discover that you can see more fully since your eyes open wider than before. 

What are the benefits of combining upper and lower eyelid surgery?

Patients often choose to have these procedures performed concurrently to rejuvenate their eyes more thoroughly. If you want to address your upper and lower lids eventually, having them done at the same time can help limit the amount of downtime and your total time away from work. Ultimately, it depends on your personal cosmetic goals.

If you are interested in learning more about undergoing blepharoplasty in Bonita, schedule a consultation for eyelid surgery in Bonita at Divino Plastic Surgery. Take this first step toward rediscovering a brighter, younger looking you. Call 858.633.7546 to learn more.

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