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Is Vaginal Rejuvenation the key to a HOTTER sex life?

Posted on December 29, 2013 by - Body Procedures, Cosmetic Procedures

LabioplastyFind out how this common cutting edge cosmetic procedure may be your new aphrodisiac!

Vaginal Rejuvenation or Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure to shape and trim the outer lips of the vagina (labia majora), the inner lips (labia minora) or both. The labia majora are the parts of the labia on the outside of the body. The labia minora are the inner flaps of skin that cover the clitoris and vagina. The labia can become asymmetrical or elongated as a result of genetics, sexual intercourse, childbirth or the natural aging process.

The anatomy of the external female genitalia can vary significantly for each woman.  The best candidates for labiaplasty are healthy women who are either experiencing embarrassment, sexual dysfunction, or pain because their labia (labia minora) are oversized or asymmetrical. The purpose is to reduce the size and improve the outside appearance.

So how does all of this affect one’s sex life?  Well, most women have happily expressed the following results:

  • Boost in self-confidence
  • Reduced discomfort caused by clothing
  • Improved appearance of the genital area
  • Reduced discomfort during intercourse and exercise

So, aside from being able to frolic around the beautiful San Diego beaches in a sexy little bikini without feeling self-conscious, women who undergo Vaginal Rejuvenation, also receive the added benefit of a decrease in discomfort caused by oversized or asymmetrical labia, which can certainly pump-up anyone’s sexual appetite.  Plus, if that’s not enough, Vaginal Rejuvenation patients have an increase in self-confidence that we all know is one of the SEXIEST things about any woman!

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