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Is Your Skin Care Routine Working Against You?

Posted on January 1, 2020 by - Skin Care

IBest skin care routinedeal skin care begins at home, not in the surgical suite. San Diego-area plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos Chacon of Divino Plastic Surgery advises patients to adopt a simple skin care routine they will follow consistently, based on a few effective habits and products.

With the amount of advertising we see in fashion magazines and on television, it’s natural to want to try every new skin care product. But the result of such experimentation can be irritation, a reddened complexion, flaky skin and an unnatural, oily appearance.

Below, Dr. Chacon discusses some of the signs that you may be overdoing it, and that your daily skin care regimen could actually be working against you:

You are using too much

On the label, cosmetic products will let you know how much to apply. You may be surprised how little is really needed. Using just a dab of a cream or moisturizer can help avoid potential interactions with chemicals in other products, and give you a more natural look. It’s important to remember that many skin care products contain mild acids, and your skin cannot tolerate an overload of strong ingredients.

Your complexion has a shiny look

When you overdo it with exfoliants, the skin typically takes on a bright but dry appearance. From a distance your complexion looks oily, but in reality the overuse of exfoliants has drained much of the natural texture from your face. An unnaturally bright appearance can also result from scrubbing your skin harshly. With all skin care, the key word is “gentle.”

You are steaming excessively

Steam can be harmful when routinely used to hydrate the skin. People who incorporate much-too-frequent steaming into their skin care regimen may actually be aging the face. Excess heat will begin to break down your skin’s collagen, and nature’s rejuvenating protein is something we all definitely want more of, not less.

You’re not listening to what your skin is telling you

Pay close attention to how your skin reacts to new products or combinations of products. In particular, stay alert to any sign of an allergic reaction. Retinoids often don’t mix well with other products, especially salicylic acid or glycolic acid. When your skin shows redness, swelling, peeling, flaking, dryness or other irritation, halt your regimen for a few days, then add back the products you are using one at a time.

Each person’s skin is unique. Your skin may respond well to oil-based cleansers, while for others this will clog pores and trigger blemishes. And some people tolerate foaming cleansers, while for others these will cause dryness. Your skin doesn’t ask much: It wants protection from the sun, thorough cleansing, moisturizing, nurturing ingredients, and products that will clear away dead skin cells, soften lines and deliver an even tone to the skin.

To learn more about skin care and ways to revitalize your complexion, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Carlos Chacon at his San Diego-area office in Bonita by contacting Divino Plastic Surgery today.