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Does Labiaplasty Affect Sensitivity?

Posted on April 11, 2017 by - Labiaplasty

When considering labiaplasty, which shapes and trims the outer and inner lips of the vagina, it is common to wonder whether surgery alters the sensation of this particularly delicate area. Dr. Carlos Chacon of Divino Plastic Surgery wants to set the record straight about labiaplasty and how the procedure affects sensitivity (if at all).

Usually Does Not Cause a Permanent Change in Sensitivity

Most of the time, labiaplasty does not affect sensitivity of the genital tissues. Beyond removing excess labial tissue, the procedure does not affect the nerves that are responsible for sensitivity. Nor does surgery alter the clitoris, which many consider the hub for the majority of sexual pleasure and sensation in the female body.

The labial tissues may feel slightly tender, sore or swollen for about six weeks after surgery, and occasionally, a patient may experience some hypersensitivity. However, those sensations subside over time.

Unless something unusual or unpredictable happens during surgery (which is not likely with a qualified plastic surgeon), there is usually no permanent change in sensation after labiaplasty.

Often Improves Sexual Satisfaction

Many patients actually report improved sexual satisfaction and more pleasure during sexual intercourse after labiaplasty.

One of the commonly cited reasons for pursuing labiaplasty is to reduce discomfort during sexual intercourse and exercise. Long, oversized or asymmetrical labia can interfere with sexual intimacy. They can also affect a woman’s self-image and confidence, in sexual encounters and otherwise.

Many women tend to enjoy sex more after labiaplasty; in addition to the physical changes, they feel much more confident in their appearance, which makes the experience especially pleasurable.

To minimize the chance of complications, it is crucial to select a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon for your labiaplasty. Ideally, you want someone that has performed hundreds or thousands of procedures and has highly refined techniques. A before-and-after gallery can give you an idea of the typical results achieved by the doctor. Consulting with the doctor can also help you understand what to expect from surgery.

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