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What are Surgical Traumatic Scars?

Surgical traumatic scars are any visible marks left after a wound has healed. Scratches can only leave minor and temporary scars, but major skin injury can leave highly visible, permanent scarring. These types of scars are often impossible to eliminate completely.

Can Surgical Scars be Treated?

Scars that are products of surgical or traumatic wounds may not be completely removed. However, through different scar removal products and cosmetic treatments, their appearance can be improved.

How are Surgical Traumatic Scars Treated?

Surgical traumatic scars can be treated or improved by some of the most common cosmetic options, including resurfacing procedures like chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, and light therapy. These treatments are often used for the removal of minor scars.

A more aggressive solution is dermabrasion. This treatment involves the removal of the upper layer of the scar tissue. Dermal fillers are also helpful in raising the surface of a scar that is depressed to the same level as the surrounding skin. A more invasive procedure can also be done in the form of scar revision surgery, which involves the alteration of the size and location of the scar.

Scar Treatment Recovery

The recovery for a scar removal treatment varies for every procedure. Less invasive procedures require little to no downtime, while others can take you a few weeks to fully recover. Dr. Chacon will help you choose the scar revision treatment that is most appropriate for you and your condition.

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