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Learn How to Choose the Best Skin Care with our Complexion Analysis

Posted on June 10, 2014 by - Skin Care

Your skin isn’t the same as your parents’, your friends’, or a celebrity spokesperson’s — it’s uniquely you! So trusting that a product that works for someone else will work for you isn’t always a great idea!

You need a skincare regimen that will not only work for your unique skin type, but that you will feel comfortable fitting into your day-to-day lifestyle. That’s where our complexion analysis comes in.

Complexion Analysis is just what it sounds like — having the skin on your face studied! Having your skin analyzed by our experts will give you a complete map of what type of skin you have, far beyond just the regular ‘oily, combo, or dry’ diagnosis you get from a bottle at the pharmacy. Our Complexion Analysis will give you an idea of improvements you can make to better your skin, and it will allow us to customize a program for you.

If you suffer from dry skin, for example, maybe there are factors in your lifestyle that contribute to it that you can change. If your lifestyle isn’t the culprit, maybe it’s a certain product you’re using, or the water in your shower. Whatever the cause, getting to the root of the problem is always the solution.

Skin is complicated; that’s why dermatology exists! You can spend thousands of dollars trying every product that is thrown at you in ads or by salespeople who claim to have the one cure-all for everyone. Or, you can trust the actual experts who have dedicated their time to their experience and practice. There’s just no comparison when it comes to getting a one-on-one, in-person consultation!