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What Mommy Makeover Patients Should Know

Posted on June 20, 2017 by - Mommy Makeover

It’s very common for a mother’s stomach to sag and her breasts to lose a cup size or two after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Unfortunately, no amount of diet and exercise can restore perky C-cup breasts or a completely flat abdomen.

Dr. Carlos Chacon of Divino Plastic Surgery offers a surgical solution known as mommy makeover, designed to reverse the physical signs of pregnancy and nursing and restore a mother’s self-confidence.

If you find yourself considering a mommy makeover, here are three things Dr. Chacon would like you to know:

1. Mommy Makeover Is Effective, But Has Its Limitations

Mommy makeover can make noticeable improvements to the areas of your body affected by pregnancy and nursing (primarily, your breasts and abdomen). Afterward, you will look better in clothes and enjoy a firmer, more physically fit looking physique. You might feel more confident undressing in front of your husband or donning a bathing suit at the beach.

However, mommy makeover has its limitations. It probably will not erase every single sign of pregnancy. You might have some stretch marks and cellulite remaining after treatment and your body won’t look exactly like it did when you were 18. Surgery will leave some scarring (that can be concealed beneath underwear or a bathing suit).

Dr. Chacon will be candid during your mommy makeover consultation about what mommy makeover can and cannot achieve. He believes that being upfront with patients and setting reasonable expectations leads to greater patient satisfaction.

2. It’s Best to Postpone Treatment Until You’re At Your Ideal Weight

While it’s not mandatory for mommy makeover candidates to be at their target weight before surgery, you will see the best results if you are at, or close to, your pre-baby weight. If you are significantly over (or under) your pre-partum weight, it could affect your long-term surgical outcomes and necessitate additional surgery to achieve your desired results.

3. Plan Ahead for Your Recovery

One of the aspects of mommy makeover that some patients find to be an obstacle is the recovery. If you’ve had body or breast surgery, you need to give yourself time to recover without the responsibilities of being the primary caregiver. You will not be able to pick up your children, or do a lot of cooking or cleaning.

Dr. Chacon strongly encourages you to plan ahead and recruit more help than you think you will need; that way, you won’t stress about your arrangements and can focus on your own physical healing.

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