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Must-Have Items for Your Breast Surgery Recovery

Posted on July 30, 2015 by - Breast Implants

Breast implant recoveryIf you’re preparing for breast augmentation surgery, you may have already discussed the basics on how to prepare for the procedure with your plastic surgeon. But are you prepared for your post-op recovery? Your post-op care plays a big factor in how well and how soon you can get back on your feet and enjoy your new, beautiful breasts. As you prepare for your breast augmentation surgery, be sure to include these must-have items on your post-op shopping list for a faster, safer recovery.

Pillows: Your bed will be your home for the first few days after surgery, so have plenty of pillows ready for a comfortable recovery. It’s also a good idea to have clean bed sheets and blankets ready once you come back from surgery.

Your First Bra: While your plastic surgeon will place a surgical bra on your fuller breasts right after surgery, it’s a good idea to buy your own post-op bra for when you take off the surgical bra. You may find that the type of bra you prefer changes once your breasts are fuller and perkier, so make sure to shop around for that perfect bra before your surgery.

Comfort Food and Drinks: Going grocery shopping after breast augmentation surgery will be one of the last things you’ll want to do, so be sure to stock up on easy-to-make foods beforehand. Frozen dinners are easy to store and to microwave. Fruit, pudding and Jell-O make great post-op snacks. You can also pre-cook meals to have them ready to microwave after surgery. Have plenty of water and juices handy to stay hydrated.

Ice Packs: Post-op icing can reduce any swelling or pain you may feel. You can buy ice packs at a drug store or use a bag of frozen fruit or vegetables as a substitute.

Heating Pad: A heating pad can help with any backaches or soreness you may feel after your breast augmentation surgery.

“Easy-Off” Clothing: Make putting on and taking off clothes easier for yourself by laying out “easy-off” clothing before your surgery. Shirts with buttons or zippers can minimize pain or discomfort. Stay away from shirts or dresses that make you raise your arms above your head.

Movies and Books: Make the best out of your recovery by reading a good book or watching your favorite movies. A laptop, TV or tablet are also great forms of entertainment that can help keep you entertained during downtime.

Wet wipes and make-up removal pads: These can help you feel fresh and clean, especially during those first few days when your mobility is limited and you cannot shower.

Flashlight: Have a flashlight charged right by your bedside in case the power goes out at night or in case you need to use the bathroom.

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