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New Statistics Reveal Increase in Hispanic Women Seeking Plastic Surgery

Posted on October 10, 2013 by - Eyelid Surgery, Face Procedures, Nose Reshaping, Plastic Surgery News, Rhytidectomy

plastic surgery for Hispanic women

The number of Hispanics flocking to plastic surgery offices is increasing. Here at our San Diego cosmetic surgery practice, Divino Plastic Surgery, our team has vast experience and expertise in understanding the individual needs and cosmetic preferences of racial and ethnic groups — from Russians to Asians to Hispanics.

The Hispanic Beauty

In 2011, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimated that 22 percent of the total cosmetic procedures done for the year were geared towards ethnic groups, 10 percent of which were performed for Latinas. A year later, about a third of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) noticed an increase in their Hispanic patients — a 12 percent increase amongst Latinas opting for cosmetic surgery.

While Hispanic women have various physical distinctions, depending on their origins in Central and South America, the standard Hispanic beauty is characterized by dark hair, olive skin, and a curvaceous body. What differentiates Hispanics from other ethnic groups is that, every so often, they do not strive for the usual “Barbie doll look”.  Often Hispanic women equate beauty with youthfulness and sensuality such as the likes of Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

Top Hispanic Cosmetic Procedures 2013

The aforementioned survey amongst members of the AAFPRS also revealed the following top 3 cosmetic procedures amongst Hispanics:

1.Hispanic  Rhinoplasty – Dr. Chacon, a specialized plastic surgeon with Hispanic origins, understands the unique differences and aesthetic standards that a Hispanic rhinoplasty patient is looking for. By and large, the Hispanic nose is divided into 3 archetypes. Dr. Chacon understands that there are no two patients that are alike, hence he makes it a point to fully assess each individual’s nasal skin thickness, shape and strength of nasal cartilages, and nostril size.

2. Hispanic Facelift – One of the obvious differences between facial skin in Hispanics and people of Northern European descent is that Latinas and Latinos tend to have thicker skin. Thicker skin means that the skin ages well. Hispanic facial skin tends to sag rather than the usual wrinkles and lines associated with aging. Thus, the Hispanic facelift is geared towards the traditional facelift technique whose goal is to simply lift skin laxity.

3. Hispanic Blepharoplasty – Hispanic patients often seek eye rejuvenation procedures when they’re hitting their 40s and 50s to improve the appearance of baggy skin under the eyes and drooping eyelids.

Hispanic Plastic Surgery in San Diego

For more information on Hispanic plastic surgery in San Diego, fill out this contact form to request a consultation with Dr. Chacon at Divino Plastic Surgery today or call us at 858-633-7546.  Together,  we will review your goals, expectations, and medical history to advise you regarding the different existing options and provide you the highest quality care.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!