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What Not to Do Before Breast Augmentation

Posted on January 17, 2017 by - Breast Augmentation

The night before breast augmentation surgery is usually filled with emotions, like excitement, fear, impatience or anxiety, and it is normal to have some nerves at that time. To help minimize fear, anxiety and stress, trusted San Diego breast augmentation surgeon Carlos Chacon has compiled a list of what not to do before surgery.


While Internet forums and discussion boards can be helpful resources during the breast augmentation planning stage, they are not your friend the night before surgery. Googling with reckless abandon right before surgery may turn up bad or inaccurate information that doesn’t apply to you or your care. Stay off the Internet and watch a funny, light-hearted movie instead (and get a good night’s rest!).

Change the Surgical Plan

Presumably, you have spent time and effort with your plastic surgeon, selecting your implants and making key decisions about your surgery. Ignore all doubts and desires to change this plan; rest assured that a lot of thought and detail has gone into crafting your surgical plan. Don’t worry that you have selected implants that are too large or too small; remember you tried on implant sizers at your appointment, and trust in your choice. When in doubt, stick with the original plan.

Binge on Food or Alcohol

One of the worst things you can do the night before surgery is binge eat or drink a lot of alcohol. Eat a light, nutritious meal, hydrate properly and avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Get into bed at a reasonable hour and relax your mind. Think about priming your body so it is in the best shape possible as you head into surgery.

Over-Schedule Yourself for the Coming Weeks

Keep your schedule clear for at least two weeks following surgery, so that your body has adequate time to recover. Avoid any pressure to leave the house, socialize or entertain at home. Give yourself permission to concentrate fully on your recovery and well-being.

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