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“I have been a patient of Dr. Chacon since January 2015. I am 51 years young. In 2015 my plastic surgery expectations were two drops of Botox to keep a deep frown line under control. I researched Dr. Chacon’s credentials, verified his board certifications and degree, and scrutinized just about every aspect of his practice.  I was willing to pay top dollar for the best in the field, even for two drops of Botox.”

“When we met, he exceeded my expectations. He is a down-to earth doctor who really cares about my needs and listens. At no time, did he try to upsell me cosmetic procedures or even talk me into other non-surgical options for my face. I continued my Botox and signed up for the monthly facial membership program. Kim Flores is the best facialist in San Diego County.”

“Later in the year, I got a little braver and asked Dr. Chacon about an upper eye lid procedure to reduce my hooded eyes and help me look less worn out. I had a consultation. I took a long, long time to think about an actual surgical procedure. Over the next several months I observed patients in the waiting room with beautiful results and positive comments.”

“At each Botox appointment, (and I need to add only Dr.Chacon administers the Botox, not a nurse or other person,) he would lift my lid and let me know when the timing was right to get the results we discussed.”

“In June 2016 I had both my upper and lower eyes done. The procedure went perfectly. My healing was nothing short of amazing. I experienced minimal bruising due to great pre and post operation instructions. My results far exceeded my expectations. A year later, I continue to get compliments on how great my face and skin looks. I highly recommend Divino. The entire staff will remember your name and give you personalized attention. Please stop by their office. They will be more than happy to assist you in meeting your needs, from a facial, a few drops of Botox, or assistance on the most recent advancements in plastic surgery to help you look and feel your best.”