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“After months of searching for a plastic surgeon and constantly coming across problems or shady surgeons I found Divino Plastic Surgery. Dr. Chacon is the most down to earth and honest person. Not to mention his work is AMAZING!” – M.U.

This 19-year-old woman was frustrated that despite her best efforts to lose weight and working out, she could not alter the square look of her buttocks and the excess fat on her abdomen.  Wanting to improve her body’s appearance, she decided to pursue plastic surgery, hoping to find a talented and experienced surgeon who could perform a buttock reshaping procedure like the Brazilian Butt Lift.  After conducting her own extensive research and seeking several consultations, she scheduled an appointment with Dr. Chacón.

When she met with Dr. Chacon, she discussed her particular concerns as he examined her buttocks and body contours for areas of improvement.  After reviewing wish pics with Dr. Chacon and confirming her desired look, it was clear that she would benefit from utilizing her excess fat stores to achieve a curvaceous and shapelier silhouette.

During the procedure, Dr. Chacon grafted over 1,100 cc’s of fat on each side of her buttock and hip regions for improved contour.  After her Brazilian Butt Lift was completed, she was thrilled with her curves and overall look.  Dr. Chacon removed the excess fat to both volumize her buttocks for better projection and hips, while establishing an hourglass shape waistline and peach shape to her buttocks.  She was very pleased with look and feels far more confident than ever before.

“Everyone is very professional and more than helpful. They helped me with all my questions and they’re honestly great! I love everything about them from the office, the people, and the services. I highly recommend them!” – M.U.