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Preparing for the Day of Surgery

Posted on March 15, 2020 by - Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery PreparationSurgery is always a big event in the life of a patient, and a surgical procedure that will enhance your appearance carries with it a unique blend of expectations and anxieties.

Itโ€™s normal to approach the day of surgery with an image in your mind of the ideal outcome. You visualize premiering your rejuvenated look to friends, family and new admirers. When tempered by practicality, that is actually a very positive way to calm nerves and keep yourself grounded. Below, experienced San Diego-area plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos Chacon of Divino Plastic Surgery provides other helpful insights that will ensure you are ready for this important day.

Effective Techniques

For many patients, thinking about the ultimate result of a procedure is calming. For others, too much time pondering every aspect of the surgery can be distracting, and a good strategy is to focus on basic preparations, such as planning for the recovery period by buying groceries, choosing favorite movies to watch, and letting friends and family know you would enjoy some company as your body heals. Relaxation techniques can also work wonders. Yoga, soothing music, long walks, and imagining the exciting new things you plan to do after recovery, will put your mind at ease.

Confidence Builders

Dr. Chacon also enthusiastically recommends two effective anxiety-relievers: conversation and knowledge. He invites you to ask every question you have about your procedure, the subsequent days of recovery, and the results you may expect. By sharing your hopes and expectations with your surgeon in a personal consultation, you can gain reassurance that you and your medical team are on the same page. Dr. Chacon also makes sure you are well-supplied with informational resources that will guide you in making decisions about your surgery and your post-operative life.

Knowledge is the other key component of a worry-free surgical experience. Taking the time to research your procedure, review your surgeonโ€™s background, and browse through before-and-after albums can lessen apprehension by broadening understanding.

To learn more about ways to prepare for your surgical procedure, schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Carlos Chacon at his San Diego-area office in Bonita by contacting Divino Plastic Surgery today.