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Procedures to Improve the Proportions of Your Face

Posted on November 4, 2021 by - Face Procedures

Facial Rejuvenation in San DiegoHave you ever thought about what makes someone truly attractive? It is natural to attribute facial beauty to having perfectly pouty lips or gorgeous eyes. But facial beauty is actually more about proportion than individually perfect features. In the most beautiful faces, all of the features — including the eyes, nose and chin —relate to and interact with each other harmoniously.

The ancient Greeks had a term, the “Golden Ratio,” to describe the ideal balance commonly seen in architecture, design and nature. The Golden Ratio can even be applied to the facial features, as there is an ideal balance between eye position, nose length and chin length.

If you wish to improve the proportions and harmony of your facial features, plastic surgery with Dr. Carlos Chacon can help. He will assess your entire face, accounting for the proportions of every feature and how they relate to each other. Then, Dr. Chacon will note the area(s) that could be enhanced to promote better facial proportions. His treatment suggestions will reflect the specific features that need to be resized or reshaped.

Chin Augmentation

A well-defined chin and jawline works well with the other facial features like the eyes, nose and forehead. If your chin is naturally weak or receding, Dr. Chacon may recommend adding volume and definition through the placement of a chin implant. Another option to enhance the prominence and projection of the chin is through fat transfer, wherein excess fat is taken from another area of the patient’s body and injected into the chin.


As the focal point of the face, the nose is an important part of facial balance and proportion. Dr. Chacon offers rhinoplasty to lengthen, shorten or straighten out a curved or misaligned nose. With a more symmetrical, proportional nose, the entire face appears more attractive.

Dermal Fillers

Fillers are enormously useful for more than just plumping the lips or filling in facial creases. Fillers can define facial features or refine the overall shape of the face. Dr. Chacon often injects fillers to sculpt flat or hollow-looking cheeks and cheekbones and augment small or poorly defined chins.

Find Your Own Golden Ratio with Dr. Chacon

Dr. Chacon specializes in creating custom treatment plans to help every patient look his or her best. If you are interested in improving the balance and proportion of your unique facial features, your next step is to book a consultation with the plastic surgeon. Please call or email Divino Plastic Surgery to request an appointment today.