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Recovering From Liposuction

Posted on October 3, 2016 by - Liposuction

Portrait of beautiful young mixed race woman relaxing at homeWhile liposuction boasts a far shorter recovery time than many other plastic surgeries, it still requires a little post-operation TLC before you can jump back into your normal routine. Liposuction recovery time depends on the site of the procedure and the volume of fat cells removed. In most circumstances, you will be able to get back to work within a few days after an outpatient procedure, and resume the full range of your normal activities within a couple of weeks. Learn more below from Southern San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos Chacon.

Immediate Effects of Surgery

After surgery, patients are frequently required to wear a snug elastic compression garment over the area of operation. This works to reduce swelling and facilitate the healing process. One of the most common issues patients face after liposuction is fluid leaking from the incision sites. This is normal, and can be addressed by inserting drainage tubes into the affected areas. Your doctor will remove these once your body shows it has taken over the healing process on its own.

Stitches and Swelling

Depending on the type of sutures used, your stitches will either need to be removed or will dissolve on their own after about a week and a half. Some patients encounter soreness and mild pain during this period of time. While these symptoms usually disappear within a few weeks, you should always report persistent or severe pain to your doctor. In four to six weeks, when the swelling has abated and you can start to see the results of the procedure, your body will have healed enough for you to resume your workout routine. Always consult your doctor before jumping back into any extreme sports or heavy lifting.

Possible Risks

The risk of infection is present with any surgery. While rare after liposuction, you should still monitor the incision areas and report any redness or itching to your doctor. Infections that are not taken care of can result in increased scarring or even hospital time. By following your doctor’s post-operation instructions and keeping the wound clean and covered, you can help prevent infection and speed up your recovery time.

Contact Dr. Carlos Chacon

To discuss the liposuction procedure or recovery time in greater detail, please contact our offices at (858) 633-7546. Dr. Chacon can guide you through what to expect before, during and after your liposuction and can answer all recovery-related questions.