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Should I Combine Facial Rejuvenation Procedures?

Posted on October 17, 2018 by - Face Procedures

Combining Facial Rejuvenation ProceduresIf you are considering a facial rejuvenation procedure to turn back the clock, you may be wondering if you would benefit from a combination procedure. Many patients achieve the beautiful and rejuvenating results they desire by undergoing multiple procedures at once.

Here, San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos Chacon explains when it’s a good idea to combine facial rejuvenation procedures.

Understanding Your Facial Rejuvenation Options

But first, let’s take a look at what each facial plastic surgery procedure addresses:

Facelift produces the most dramatic results out of all the facial rejuvenation procedures. It simultaneously corrects multiple signs of aging on the middle and lower facial areas, including:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines below the lower eyelids and on the cheeks
  • Sunken or flat cheeks
  • Creases around the nose and mouth
  • Displaced fat
  • Jowls
  • Excess fat and loose skin on the jawline

Eyelid surgery transforms tired and aged eyes into energetic and youthful ones. It targets the following:

  • Saggy skin and fatty deposits on the upper eyelids
  • Lines and creases around the eyes
  • Puffy or dark bags under the lower eyelids

Brow lift rejuvenates the brow and forehead areas by:

  • Elevating sagging skin and fat that create an angry appearance or hood the upper eyelids
  • Smoothing out noticeable wrinkles and creases on the forehead and between the eyebrows

Neck lift creates a smoother and younger-looking jaw and neckline by:

  • Eliminating loose skin on the jawline and neck
  • Removing fatty deposits that create the appearance of a “double chin”
  • Tightens skin on the neck to remove noticeable horizontal neck bands

Do You Desire Comprehensive Results?

More often than not, the effects of aging affect several areas of the face all at once. For this reason, many individuals choose to combine facial rejuvenation procedures. In addition, some patients who initially undergo one procedure find that improving one facial area actually makes another problem area more prominent. For instance, facelift surgery can rejuvenate the areas beneath the lower eyelids and on the cheeks, but can also call attention to puffy upper eyelids. Combining facelift with eyelid surgery is a popular combination because it simultaneously addresses aging signs on the upper, middle and lower facial areas.

Combining facial rejuvenation procedures offers other benefits, including a shorter recovery time. Undergoing one surgery requires that you wait until your body is fully healed from the first surgery before scheduling the second. By combining procedures, you shorten your overall recovery time and can enjoy your younger-looking appearance sooner. A combination procedure is also cost effective, as you only have to pay certain fees once.

Dr. Chacon can determine whether you are an ideal candidate for a combination procedure during an in-office consultation. To schedule your consultation, please contact Divino Plastic Surgery by calling (858) 633-7546.