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Should I Have Implants Placed During Breast Lift?

Posted on January 23, 2019 by - Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants, Breast Lift

Combining breast lift with implantsBreast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery performed in the U.S. Many women are unhappy with their breasts, whether it’s because they consider their breasts to be too small or they are disappointed in how their breasts have changed shape over the years. Below, San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos Chacon discusses combining breast augmentation with breast lift surgery.     

Benefits and Limitations of Breast Lift  

A breast lift procedure lifts the breast, removes excess skin and moves the nipple and areola up on the breast. This procedure results in the following noticeable results:

  • Breasts become perkier, sitting higher up on the chest. This gives the impression of a much more youthful, desirable figure.
  • A breast lift can boost confidence by correcting sagging or asymmetrical breasts.
  • A breast lift on its own cannot increase breast size. Only a breast lift with augmentation can give you both perkier and fuller breasts.

Combined Procedures

Combining a breast lift with the addition of implants is an excellent way to achieve the results that neither surgery can provide by itself. Breasts that have become deflated or have lost volume due to passing time or rapid fluctuations in weight will not become fuller and perkier with a lift unless you add implants. Undergoing breast augmentation surgery during a breast lift procedure can restore fullness to the breast and improve your body’s contour.

Benefits of a Combination Procedure

Combining two similar surgeries into one procedure has multiple benefits. While both breast augmentation and breast lift are considered safe, all surgeries come with a certain amount of risk. Combining the surgeries eliminates the extra risk of an added, separate procedure. A combined surgery also means a combined recovery time, so you will have less time spent waiting to heal and more time to engage in your normal routine. There is a financial benefit to placing implants during breast lift surgery, as well. Performing both procedures at once means you will not have to pay for certain fees (e.g. anesthesia and facility) twice.

It takes a consultation with a plastic surgeon to determine whether or not placing implants during a breast lift is the right decision for you. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Carlos Chacon, call (858) 633-7546.