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February Special

December 2019

October 2019

June Spa Day Special for Men in Chula Vista, CA

June 2019

June BOTOX & Filler Special in Chula Vista, CA

June 2019

February Facial Treatment Specials in San Diego

February 2019

January Facial Fillers Special in San Diego

January 2019

December Facial Treatment Special in Chula Vista

December 2018

November Skin Care Treatment in San Diego

November 2018

October Skin Resurfacing Treatment in Chula Vista

October 2018

Fall Plastic Surgery Specials in San Diego

September 2018

Hydra Cool Facial Treatment Special in San Diego

August 2018

July Skin Care Treatment in Chula Vista

July 2018

June Dermaplaning Special San Diego

June 2018

Mother’s Day Skin Care Specials in Chula Vista, CA

Mother’s Day – May 2018

March BOTOX Special San Diego

March 2018

Microdermabrasion Special in San Diego

SweetHeart – Feb 2018

Eyelid Surgery & Liposuction Special Chula Vista, CA

February 2018

BOTOX & Juverderm Specials in San Diego

SweetHeart – Feb 2018

December Microneedling Special in Bonita, CA

December 2017

Pumpkin & Hydro Facial Specials in San Diego

November 2017

October Skin Care Specials San Diego

October 2017

Brazilian Butt Lift Special San Diego

September 2017

Butt Augmentation & Enhancement San Diego

August 2017

July Butt Enhancement Chula Vista, CA

July 2017

June Father’s Day Special San Diego

June 2017

Mother’s Day Dermal Filler Special Chula Vista, CA

Mother’s Day 2017

May Body Contouring Specials San Diego

May 2017

March Spa Service Special San Diego

March 2017

February Plastic Surgery Special Chula Vista

February 2017

New Year’s Plastic Surgery Special San Diego

January 2017