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Taking Care of Your Healing Scars After Surgery

Posted on July 15, 2019 by - Plastic Surgery

Scar care after plastic surgery in San DiegoScars are an inevitable part of plastic surgery. Whenever an incision is made in the skin, the body will respond by healing itself and forming a scar. The good news is that there are several ways you can minimize their appearance. The first is to work with a reputable plastic surgeon like Dr. Chacon from Divino Plastic Surgery who is skilled and knowledgeable on the latest incision techniques to achieve beautiful results and minimal scarring. Here, Dr. Chacon explains ways you can take care of your healing scars post-surgery.

Protect Your Healing Scars from the Sun

Exposing your healing scars to the sun too soon after surgery is an easy way to cause them to thicken and darken. Fresh scars, which are pink in color and still healing, can burn and become inflamed. You should protect your scars from the sun for at least six months after surgery. Tanning beds and booths are also off limits.

Don’t Smoke

Not only is smoking terrible for your health, it’s also bad for scar formation. Smoking impedes your body’s ability to carry oxygen to the healing tissues, which can result in poor wound healing and noticeable, unsightly scarring. All patients must refrain from smoking a few weeks before surgery, and should plan on abstaining after as well.

Use All Products as Prescribed

After surgery, Dr. Chacon may prescribe you topical creams or ointments to apply to the surgical incision site. It is imperative that you use these products as prescribed in order to avoid infection or other complications on the healing incisions.

Do Light Exercise to Promote Good Blood Flow

While vigorous, high-impact exercises will be off limits for the first few weeks of recovery, it is a good idea to get moving as soon as you feel able to. This is because exercising promotes healthy blood flow, which is a critical component in scar healing. As soon as you’re ready, take short walks around your house. Once Dr. Chacon clears you to do so, you can begin or resume low-impact exercises. Always listen to your body; if any exercise feels like too much too soon, back off.

To learn more about post-op scarring, please schedule a personal consultation with Divino Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Carlos Chacon. Contact us at our San Diego office by calling or emailing us today.