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Breast Augmentation*

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“After months of searching for a plastic surgeon and constantly coming across problems or shady surgeons I found Divino Plastic Surgery. Dr. Chacon is the most down to earth and honest person. Not to mention his work is AMAZING. He doesn’t have all of his before and after pictures on his website but when he shows you them at a consult they’re all so good. I am now three months out of surgery and I can’t tell you how happy I am with my results, he gave me EXACTLY what I wanted. I was a big worrywart even after the surgery but both Dr. Chacon and his staff helped me and eased my worries the whole way. Everyone there is very professional and more than helpful. Iris has helped me the most with all my questions and she’s honestly great! I love everything about them from how pretty the office is to the people to the services. I highly recommend them :)”

-M.U. *

“The staff was wonderful and the doctor is a total perfectionist. I would so highly recommend him! Remember, it’s not about the people who meet and greet you, it’s about the one will actually do the work for you. He’s realistic, fair, and very honest. He became a doctor because he has a special gift and trust me when I say this; his heart and artistic abilities make him #1 in my book. Keep in mind, I’ve been to other plastic surgeons and he is undoubtedly the only one I would recommend for anyone to go to in San Diego. I’m writing this because I have respect and tons of admiration for everything he has done for me. It was about “me” and “my happiness” and not about the money. The cost was very fair and the service was “priceless”! Today, I’m feeling like an entirely new person thanks to him. Believe me when I say this, “he’s worth your time!”

-Y.B. *

“I am a single mother of 1 (7 yr old) have been wanting to do this surgery since 2008. Through life’s challenges and obstacles; whether it be working, having a young child, not being able to have enough recovery time, or simply not financially able to; I am now in a position where everything seemed to line up! Hell yes I’m doing it now!!! I workout constantly, yet there is still that “sad-face” tummy. My stomach always small enough to where I can see my abs showing but then theres always that pouch and love-handles that I can’t get rid of. Or the saggy boobs. I previously had a breast augmentation in 2006 (before a natural c; had saline, 480cc each side, over the muscle: end result, full DD with a natural look.) but after 7 years, a pregnancy, breastfeeding and plenty of weight fluctuations, my breasts are in need of upgrade. I can’t say how excited, nervous, anxious and overwhelmed I am to FINALLY be able to do this! I had a consult with Dr. Chacon in July 2014. I’ve had a few consults prior to meeting him. I used to drive by his office on my way home from work, and just decided to walk in one day. No appointment, but as soon as I walked in, the woman at the front desk was very pleasant and welcoming. Iris, she’s super nice. Anyhow, I asked about getting a consult and lucky me, the Dr. was able to see me right then! The consult was complimentary. First Iris took me in her office to better explain who she is, a patient care coordinator. and to discuss my interests and goals for a mommy makeover. After speaking with her for several minutes, I was taken to a consult room and told to get into a gown. Dr. Chacon and Iris both came in for the examination. He asked what I was wanting and he said what he thought at that time would be best. He went over all of my concerns and answered my questions.. even me wanting my belly button lowered a little bit! After all the physical exam, I was taken into Dr’s office to sit down and further discuss my goals and expectations My tummy tuck, we all know why we want tummy tucks! Make my waist as small as possible! My breast on the other hand, I want to go in a different direction than I did the first time. I am going with silicone gel implant, size is undetermined, but I’m thinking 600-700. and under the muscle. I know exactly the look I want; not outrageously big, but I do want them to sit high, side boob and fullness. I don’t want so much of a natural look this time. So in full, my surgery will consist of tummy tuck, breast lift with implant replacement, and lipo of the flanks. I am nervous and ready. Still can’t believe its really going to happen… in 6 weeks!!!

-K.M. *

“Dr. Chacon is an amazing doctor. He is well educated, highly skilled, and very personable. Dr. Chacon and his staff made me feel like family, they are professional and kind. I worked closely with Iris, she was always pleasant and made me feel very welcome. Dr. Chacon takes great care to ensure that you are pleased with your results. He guided me through the entire process and was always”

-A.L. *

“Seriously an awesome experience from the first phone call to now a month post op. The staff and doctor are amazing. I was given a free consultation which I didn’t feel rushed at all in fact we were in there for over an hour. I felt right at home with dr. Chacon . He made me feel like he cared and he was really knowledgeable. The surgery went great and I LOVE the results. AND all post ops were included in the price which is a relief no hidden charges. The military discount was very helpful as well. A+++”

-L.L. *

MOM of Two and I Am THRILLED! – San Diego, CA
“I had an AMAZING experience Dr. Chacon made me feel at home from the moment I met him. I knew he was the surgeon for me when he let me lead the discussion. He didn’t rush us, spending over an HOUR with us in the free consult. Everyone who works there is amazing, we even got an AWESOME military discount saving us SO MUCH!! The day of the surgery I felt super well cared for, very happy and excited! I let Dr. Chacon choose the size for me and I couldnt be happier! The pain was really bad, and I did get sick a LOT after (bad reaction to the meds) it was a hard first week, the drains were a PAIN in the butt, sleeping was really hard. BUT Now a month out I am THRILLED with the results! I would do it again, but I would ask for more pain meds. since then post op appointments are as frequent as I want, and they are complimentary so no hidden fees YAY. I would and have been recommending DR Chacon to everyone. he is a rockstar.”

-E.L. *

“I consulted with a few plastic surgeons before finding Dr. Chacon. I was extremely nervous of the thought of surgery but I wanted a refreshed look for myself after having 5 children within 7 years and breast feeding all of them for at least a year each. I guess what I’m saying is that I had spent the prior 7 years solely focused on my children, my family, and my amazing marriage. With that, I was neglecting myself. Of course, I was happy with my life but it was what I saw in the mirror, I was not happy with. Despite eating healthy and a vigorous workout routine, I still had loose abdominal muscles and deflated breast. Once my husband and I decided we were not going to have any more children, I immediately starting seeking the right doctor to preform a Mommy Makeover. Upon meeting Dr. Chacon and his incredible staff at Divino Plastic Surgery, I knew that I was in the hands of a trusted professional and a gifted artist. (I say that because Dr. Chacon truly does sculpt your body into art.) The way that Dr. Chacon listened to my concerns, needs, and goals was so personal. I knew that he was going to work towards achieving the results that I desired for myself and not what he wanted to do, as I felt the other Doctors that I had previously consulted with would have done. He was very mindful that I wanted to have a natural look with my breast implants, in that I have 4 young daughters who would look to me as their role model. Additionally, I was extremely nervous regarding the abdominalplasty and I mean extremely nervous, but I knew that it was what I really wanted and would regret going into the surgery and only coming out with the breast implants and still having the same flabby mommy belly. So, I went for it and committed to the complete Mommy Makeover. I must say that the Mommy Makeover experience with Dr. Chacon was a decision that have not once regretted. His care and attention to detail is second to none. He gave me beautifully portioned breasts that feel natural and look respectable. The results of my tummy tuck were better then I ever imagined. A tight lean abdomen with no complications. Since my surgery, My Husband and I have had a renewed love life, I have started a new business focusing on women’s health and this is all largely because of the inner confidence that Dr. Chacon helped me to achieve. I will remain forever grateful for Doc and his staff. This is one happy mommy, wife and renewed woman!”

-S.L. *

“Dr. Chacon puts out an awesome vibe! He makes you feel comfortable and at home. He is very genuine and has a friendly personality. He seemed very informative in any questions and concerns I had during my visits. Great Dr! I had my breast augmentation performed by Dr. Chacon. My experience was great! He answered all of my questions regarding the worries I had about surgery. I felt confident enough to go through with it and I was very much satisfied after my procedure. Dr. Chacon and his staff made me feel at home at Divino. I would definitely make another visit in the future!”

– V.F. *

“Cosmetic surgery is a very personal experience and it was important to me to find a Dr. that I was comfortable with that would take the time to answer my questions. Dr. Chacon was so wonderful, that when I called my Patient Care Coordinator (Kristen) with a question, he would get on the phone with me to answer it. His bedside manner is above and beyond. He is truly passionate about what he and he is very attentive to detail. I am thrilled with my results and my experience. I still see Dr. Chacon for botox/fillers and he always keeps me feeling young and beautiful. Thank you Dr. Chacon, Kristen, and Daniel for always making my visits a wonderful experience!”

– S.A. *

“After Twins: Diastasis Recti Repair and Tummy Tuck – Bonita, CA
Dr. Chacon was very friendly and I was impressed with how much he REALLY cares about you and your outcome. He truly wants you to feel (and look) your best. It was awesome having someone work and think so hard about me. And the extra nice bit is that he wasn’t pushy at all. He mentioned having some lipo since we were going in for a big surgery and I could definitely use a little on my back, but I said no thank you and he never pushed it again. That really meant a lot.”

– K.E. *

“Dr. Chacon is Top Notch – San Diego, CA”

– C.L. *

“Revison Rhinoplasty Consult Was Great! – Bonita, CA”

– M.G. *

“Very nice people working the front office. (Iris & Kristen) Dr. Chacon it’s very professional and takes his time to answer all questions! I’m very pleased.”

– P.G. *

“I’m happy to say that my experience at Divino P.S. has been a very positive one. On my 1st appointment I had many many questions regarding my surgery, Dr. Chacon took the time to answer every single one of them clearly and profesionaly, since day one all the way to my recovery period I have felt supported, safe and taking care of.”

– E.F. *

“The staff at Divino is very welcoming and personable. They are attentive, amiable and really make you feel comfortable. My consultation with Dr. Chacon was the best I’ve had thus far, my facial relaxing and therapeutic. I would recommend Divino Plastic Surgery to friends and family.”

– C.T. *

“From the first visit with Dr. Chacon, he made me feel completely at ease. My initial impression of the office was “Wow!” The place was modern and the staff was professional. His team members Daniel and Kristen, went out of their way to accommodate me and my busy schedule, by finding the perfect days and times for my surgery and follow-up visits. This was absolutely crucial for me as a busy Dentist in the Los Angeles area. Dr. Chacon spent the time to make sure all my questions were answered and that I felt comfortable prior to surgery.
The surgery center was top notch and in a discrete location. My cosmetic surgery went smoothly without a hitch and the recovery has been picture perfect. I am so happy with my results and can’t wait for my next trip and pool party in Vegas! If you’re looking for a great plastic surgeon, then Divino Plastic Surgery is your place. I have already recommended Dr. Chacon to my friends and family, and my sister who has also had her surgery with him, is just as happy as I am!
Thanks Dr. Chacon!!”

– C.L. *

“I am very happy with my results. I am at 1 1/2 week and very amazed with results, I glow. And everyone in the office is very nice and friendly and very helpful. They all make you feel right at home. I would not think twice to recommend Dr. Chacon and his staff.”

– V.C. *

“Dr. Chacon and his staff are so personable and knowledgable. They made me feel so at ease with the procedure and recovery process. All-in-all, my experience has been awesome.”

– F.B. *

“Dr Chacon’s level of experience is superb! I had reservations about whether or not to get the procedures that I was contemplating. However, Dr. Chacon took the time to explain each procedure and made sure he explained everything at a level I could understand. His bedside manner is a major reason I chose him to perform my procedures. He took extra time with me during my consultation and never made me feel rushed. He never pressured me or pushed me to do any extra procedures. Dr. Chacon is very honest, kind, caring, and compassionate and my results are amazing!
I would, without a doubt, recommend Dr. Chacon to my friends and family. In fact, I have already referred two family members. I will definitely be returning for more in the near future.
Thank your Dr. Chacon”

– A.C. *

“I’m almost 40 and have started to see things about my appearance that I didn’t like; particularly the lines from squinting between my eyes. I did my research and Dr C. had the education and training that I was looking for in a surgeon.
After seeing Dr. C for my Botox injections, I’ve been so pleased with the results that I now get them every few months with Dr. Chacon! I am already planning to have him do my Juvederm injections too!
The best part is that my friends can’t even tell I’ve had anything done! They just say that I look so much younger! That’s the best compliment a woman can get!
Dr. C is a knowledgeable and caring doctor. He is professional, honest and straightforward. Plus, he’s very down to earth and easy to talk to, which I really appreciate in a doctor. I highly recommend Dr. C to anyone in the market for cosmetic procedures!”

– M.F. *

“I had a consultation with Dr. Chacon to address my facial wrinkles and loss of volume in my cheeks and lips. He recommended Radiesse, Botox and Juvederm injections to help restore and correct the signs of aging. The injections took only a few minutes, and now I love how youthful my face looks and how beautiful I feel! And unlike other surgeons I met in the past, Dr. Chacon’s warm personality put me at ease and helped make the experience a very pleasant one. “

– I.B. *

“Everyone knows that undergoing any procedure can make even the most excited person a little nervous (I had been looking forward to receiving my procedure for YEARS, and I was still a little nervous). I was happy to find that Dr. Chacon had a way of explaining everything to me so that I was comfortable and confident. I asked a ton of questions, and he politely and thoroughly answered each of them (most physicians would have rushed right through them).
I am ecstatic with my results! I look younger and feel so much more confident in my appearance! Now my mother and her girlfriends are coming to see Dr. Chacon for their procedures! I will never go anywhere else but Divino for my cosmetic procedures! Dr. C is the best!”

– N.E. *

“Thank you to all the staff for the amazing experience. I always felt in good hands. I love the new look of my eyes even just a few days [after surgery]. I highly recommend Dr. Chacon to all my friends and family. I am happy to show and tell my experience to anyone. Gracias!”

– F. M. *

“My experience with Dr. Chacon has been wonderful! From the pre-surgery [to the] procedure, the surgery was very relaxing. And he’s been guiding me through my recovery. I will definitely come back if I consider getting another surgery.”

– Y. P. *

“I feel very happy that I made the decision of getting my breast augmentation surgery with Divino. It has been a wonderful experience and it changed my life!”

– Y.D. *

“I would like to thank Divino Plastic Surgery for all they have done! For not only fulfilling my needs, but boosting my confidence and making me feel like a hot mom again! Divino has been more than great in every way! Again, many thanks to my familia at Divino Plastic Surgery!”

– V. F. *

*Individual Results May Vary