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The World Through Long Lashes

Posted on January 10, 2014 by - Luscious Lips & Lashes

Lashes-660x1024Elizabeth Taylor was born with the genetic mutation – FOXC2, which caused her to be born with 2 rows of eyelashes on each eye! Now, you can have lashes as luscious as Lizzy’s… without the mutation!

In the beauty world, there has always been a high demand for long, luscious, voluminous lashes. Eyelashes bring out the “windows to our souls”, and can serve not only as protection for our eyes, but also as “flirtation devices” for both men and women.

Eyes are a distinct feature of who we are and we can dress them up in any way, shape, color or form. The high demand and popularity of false eyelashes, eyelash extensions and even prescribed cosmetic products have made their way to the top of the beauty market. False eyelashes can come in a set of two single rows of any model number. Or, they come in sets of individual lashes. It is the least expensive, but the longevity is two days or less.

Eyelash extensions, often mistaken for “falsies”, can vary from real to synthetic. A trained lash stylist at a professional cosmetic facility completes the eyelash extension process. This trained stylist applies these extensions a single lash at a time, which can be very time consuming. This process can be a bit uncomfortable for some. There are also limitations to what you can do after they are applied. With most eyelash extensions you can only apply special eyelash extension mascara, which can be costly. The initial cost for the 60-120 individual synthetic polyester lashes that are applied to each eye ranges from $250 to $600. Monthly touch-ups range from $50 to $100. The longevity of extensions is about 2-3 months.

The latest and the greatest in the world of lashes is Latisse. It is FDA approved for treatment of thinning eyelashes by increasing their growth including length, thickness and darkness. A quick consultation with a qualified provider would get you on your way to long and luscious eyelashes. Simply outlined instructions and daily applications is all it takes. The price point beats any of the above methods. Why we love it? Because we can finally say, they’re real and they are spectacular!”