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Thinking about Lipo? Facts that Might Surprise You

Posted on August 29, 2017 by - Liposuction

Most plastic surgeons consider liposuction surgery in San Diego to be the gold standard of body fat reduction. The procedure has been used for decades to eliminate stubborn fat and create a more beautiful body contour.

Are you thinking about liposuction to treat diet and exercise-resistant body fat? Although Dr. Carlos Chacon of Divino Plastic Surgery has already blogged about the benefits of liposuction, he wants to share some facts about the procedure that might surprise you. Hopefully this information can help you feel more informed about the surgery and confident in moving forward with your care.

Not a Weight Loss Tool

Many liposuction candidates are surprised to learn that they won’t lose a significant amount of weight with liposuction. In fact, Dr. Chacon encourages patients to be at, or close to, their target weight before undergoing the procedure to see the best results. Ideally, liposuction patients should follow a routine of working out regularly and eating a healthy diet, which can help prolong the outcomes of the procedure.

Fat Can Be Transplanted to another Area of the Body

Dr. Chacon offers an innovative technique known as fat transfer, which involves removing fat from an area of the body and transferring it to another area to add volume and shape. This is a great option to add youthful fullness to the face or hands, or to give features like the buttocks or breasts a more voluptuous shape.

Can Be Performed on the Face

Some patients want to add youthful fullness to the face while others want to slim the face. Liposuction can eliminate targeted deposits of fat under the chin and on the jaw and neck area. This gives the lower face a slimmer and more elegant contour. Small cannulas are used to shape these delicate areas without any visible scarring.

Laser Liposuction Reduces Fat and Tightens Skin Simultaneously

Traditional surgical liposuction simply removes unwanted fat without any effect on the skin. However, laser liposuction such as the SmartLipo system simultaneously reduces fat while tightening the skin and improving skin tone. It can be performed on areas such as the hips, belly or the area under the chin.

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