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Tips for a Spring Break Bod

Posted on February 28, 2016 by - Body Contouring, Health Tips, Uncategorized

With spring break only a month or so away, your thoughts may naturally drift to your warm weather plans that have you wearing bikinis, shorts and mini-dresses. Not ready to reveal more skin to the world? Not to worry; here are Dr. Carlos Chacon’s tips on how to get your body spring break ready — and fast!

Tip #1: Exercise Smartly with Interval Training

Okay, so you probably knew that exercise would be one of our tips. But have you ever thought of adding something new to your exercise routine — something that will help you get results faster (just in time to look hot floating up to that swim-up bar)?

Interval training is one effective and time-efficient way to get you leaner in a short amount of time. Interval training consists of short workouts (typically 30 to 45 minutes long) where you alternate between bursts of high-intensity and low-intensity exercises. These workouts allow you to burn more calories in less time and you also improve your fitness level, helping you to work out harder (and burn even more calories!) in the future. Even adding just one day of interval training a week to your regular exercise routine will result in more calorie burn, both during and up to two hours after your workout.

If you are new to exercising, or simply new to interval training, it is important to start slow and build up your endurance over time. Getting further direction from a personal trainer or a fitness instructor in a class setting will also ensure that you aren’t overexerting yourself or doing anything that could lead to injury.

Tip #2: Say Sayonara to Sugar and Simple Carbs

Step away from the Girl Scout cookies. Yes, unfortunately, getting a spring break body comes with a bit of sacrifice: restricting sugar and simple carbohydrates (think cupcakes, not sweet potatoes) for the weeks ahead will cause your body to burn more fat instead of sugar, and balance your insulin levels and metabolism in the process. Unfortunately, this includes alcohol, so you’ll have to swap your vodka and soda (at least for a bit) with sparkling mineral water. You’ll thank us when you’re running your hands over your flat belly as you lounge poolside.

Tip #3: Buy Swimsuits That Create the Façade

Diet and exercise are both effective body shaping tools, but if you don’t have the time to achieve the look you’re after, why not look for a swimsuit to give you a little help? Retro 1950s-style bikinis, with their high waist and more coverage on the bikini top, make the stomach appear longer and leaner. And a one- or two-piece swimsuit in a color-block style (where two or more bold colors are used to complement or contrast each other) is a great way to bring attention to one area of the body and away from another.

Want More Long-Term Results?

Are you looking for more long-term body shaping results? Whether you want fuller or more lifted breasts, a flatter tummy or smoother thighs, Dr. Chacon and his team at Divino Plastic Surgery can help you get your dream body. To schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Chacon, call (858) 633-7546.