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Treating Skin Disease in San Diego

Posted on April 10, 2014 by - Skin Care

Every year many Americans are diagnosed with some form of skin cancer. Although the severity of the cancer is often minimal, it always requires removal. The good news is that with early intervention, and the right doctor, skin cancers can usually be addressed successfully.

At Divino Plastic Surgery in San Diego, Dr Chacon has extensive experience in such delicate skin issues, and has pioneered some of the surgical techniques now standard in the industry.

There are many different types of surgeries for different types and severities of skin cancers. The most common, simple excision, involves cutting the tumor from the skin along with some normal skin surrounding it to prevent regrowth.

Mohs Surgery consists of removing skin layer by layer and observing each under a microscope to check for cancer cells. When the cancer cells are not seen any longer, the procedure is finished. This option presents the least scarring and damage to the skin and is often done on the face.

Shave excision involves shaving the layers of skin until the cancer is removed.

Newer methods include using a spoon shaped tool called a curette to remove the tumor, and then using a needle-shaped electrode to stop the bleeding and kill any remaining cancer cells.

Cryotherapy can be performed to freeze and remove abnormal tissue, laser removal to remove a surface lesion, or Dermabrasion to rub away surface cells.

When undergoing any of these procedures, remember the most important thing is to find the right plastic surgeon to work closely with you and your doctor, ensuring you not only recover from the cancer, but also have minimal scarring.