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Understanding the 3 Basic Components of a Facelift Procedure

Posted on January 3, 2014 by - Face Procedures, Rhytidectomy

Facelift San Diego - Mid Facelift Chula Visata

Here at our San Diego cosmetic surgery office, a facelift does more than just improve the appearance of your face; it helps restore confidence by restoring your previous youthful skin tone and glow.

Although there are different facelift techniques available now, the three basic components of a facelift are equally important to creating balanced results and ensuring success of the procedure.

We lay down the components of a successful facelift below!

1. Removal of facial fat

Jowls are one of the most common signs of aging in the face. This is attributed to reduced muscle tone complemented with accumulation of fat. During your San Diego facelift, fat will be removed for a more defined contour of your jawline.

2.  Tightening of the facial muscles

This component involves “lifting” of the facial muscles to make them appear tighter. Fat removal isn’t enough for a lasting change in the appearance of your face hence the need to have this step included in the process.

3. Repositioning facial skin

Excess skin will be carefully trimmed down and repositioned in conjunction with the rest of your facial features. This component is very crucial to the success of a facelift hence the need to find a facelift surgeon in San Diego like Dr. Chacon, who can skillfully reposition facial skin for a smoother, youthful and refreshed look.

Areas of the Skin that Could Benefit from a Facelift

The following areas in your face benefit most from a facelift:

  • jawline
  • neck
  • cheeks
  • folds around the mouth and nose

It is important to note that if you want to improve the appearance of the skin around your eyes and forehead, a facelift alone may not be enough. You may want to combine a facelift with eyelid surgery and a forehead lift.

Your San Diego Facelift

To schedule a consultation with your San Diego facelift surgeon, Dr. Chacon at Divino Plastic Surgery, call us at 858-633-7546 or click here to request a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!