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Are You Unhappy With Your Breast Implants?

Posted on September 26, 2014 by - Breast Procedures, Breast Revision

41564653The results of a 2013 survey on women who had breast augmentation revealed that 98 percent of these women find that their breast augmentation outcomes met or exceeded their expectations of the procedure. However, it is not uncommon for us to receive queries or visits from women here at our San Diego plastic surgery practice about needing help in “fixing” their breast implants.

Common Issues of Women Seeking Breast Implant Revision

Every so often, these women are either dissatisfied with their breast augmentation results from another surgeon or have developed some problems with their original breast implant results.

We have outlined the following specific concerns of women who are looking into breast augmentation revision surgery by Dr. Chacon:

  • Dissatisfied with breast implant size. Some women second-guess their implant size decisions; they either feel that they’ve chosen an implant that is too large or too small for their body frame.
  • Unhappy with the resulting breast profile. For women who initially wanted the perky look for their breasts, a breast lift may be all they need rather than breast implants.
  • Disappointed with breast shape results. Traditional silicone implant options provide limited options to breast shape which tends to appear awkwardly fuller in the upper breasts. However, newer versions of silicone implants have made it possible for women to enjoy a certain roundness of breast that is more natural-looking.
  • Unexpected changes in the body resulting from the aging process itself, pregnancy, childbirth, and weight fluctuations. The breasts tend to sag as a result of the aforementioned bodily changes.
  • Occurrence of complications post-surgery.  Although complications after having breast implants is not as common, their occurrence may warrant the need for breast augmentation revision.

Finding a Breast Augmentation Revision Specialist in San Diego and neighboring areas

If you’re one of those women with the aforementioned post-breast augmentation concerns and would love to undergo breast augmentation surgery, finding a plastic surgeon who has experience and exceptional skills in the procedure should be a priority.

Dr. Chacon’s  successful track-record in breast revision surgeries can largely be attributed to his mastery in combining his surgical skills and innate artistry.  Get in touch with us today by calling 858-633-7546 or by filling out this contact form to set up an appointment. We look forward to your visit!