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What to Expect During Male Breast Reduction Recovery

Posted on February 1, 2019 by - Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia), Male Plastic Surgery

Male breast reduction recoveryWomen are not the only ones who want to look trim and fit — plastic surgeons throughout the country, including San Diego’s own Dr. Carlos Chacon from Divino Plastic Surgery, have noticed more men seeking plastic surgery to address their aesthetic needs and goals. Among the most popular requests among men is male breast reduction, a procedure that addresses gynecomastia, a medical condition referred to by many as “man boobs.” Following the procedure, the chest is flatter and appears more masculine.

The recovery period plays an important role in the success of male breast reduction surgery. To help you adequately prepare for it, Dr. Chacon shares the following tips and information.

The First Two Weeks after Surgery

Immediately after male breast reduction surgery, the surgeon will dress the treatment area with soft bandages and a compression vest. The compression vest must be worn as much as possible over the next few weeks to control swelling and support the tissues as they heal.

You will be taken to a recovery suite to rest as the anesthesia wears off. Once your surgeon clears you, you will need a loved one to drive you home so you can rest in a comfortable position the remainder of the day.

During the first few days of recovery, it is critical to rest and relax as your body recovers. Elevating your heart rate and straining your body could lead to potentially serious complications. Besides getting up to walk to the restroom or around the house, plan on resting in a comfortable position and limiting stress on your body. Short walks around the house, your backyard or around the neighborhood are recommended as soon as you feel ready.

If you have a sedentary or non-physically-demanding job, you may be cleared to return to work a week after surgery.

Two Weeks after Surgery

Most men with physically-demanding jobs can return to work two weeks after having male breast reduction surgery. Low-impact cardio and lower body exercises may also be resumed. During this time, the majority of bruising and swelling have subsided. However, you should continue to wear your compression vest as much as possible.

Four to Six Weeks after Surgery

At the four- to six-week mark, your body has recovered significantly and can endure more physical activity. As long as you are cleared by your surgeon, you may resume upper body, chest and back exercises at this time. If at any time you feel pain or discomfort when exercising, slow down to avoid injuring yourself. Your surgeon may advise you to stop wearing your compression vest at the four-week mark.

Contact Our Male Breast Reduction Surgeon

Keep in mind that these are general guidelines and recommendations. Every patient heals at a different pace, and Dr. Chacon will provide you with more detailed instructions based on your personal healing progress. To learn more about male breast reduction surgery, please contact Divino Plastic Surgery and schedule a consultation. Call (858) 633-7546 today.