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When Is the Best Time to Have Facelift?

Posted on May 20, 2018 by - Face Procedures

Timing your facelift surgeryDr. Carlos Chacon is an experienced San Diego plastic surgeon who has performed facelift on hundreds of patients to help them turn back the hands of time. He works closely with each patient and guides them through each step of the process, from deciding when to have the procedure to post-operative follow-up appointments. If you are unsure whether it’s time for you to undergo facelift, ask yourself the following questions:

Are Botox and Dermal Fillers Not Doing the Trick Anymore?

Botox and dermal fillers are a great option for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. But at some point these aging signs become so prominent that non-surgical injectables will no longer suffice. Everyone ages at a different pace, but most individuals begin to notice deep creases and prominent facial lines beginning in their late 40s, 50s and 60s. This is usually when patients who have already tried Botox and dermal fillers begin to consider switching to facelift.

Facelift treats severe signs of aging in the middle and lower facial areas. The results of this popular surgical procedure are more dramatic and longer-lasting than the results of non-surgical injectables. While the effects of injectables last several months to two years (depending on the specific product), the results of an expertly performed facelift can last many years.

Do You Have Loose, Excess Facial Skin?

Skin laxity is a common sign of aging. Unfortunately, it cannot be treated with Botox or dermal fillers. Facelift is considered to be the gold standard in facial rejuvenation because it treats various signs of aging, including loose, saggy skin. During facelift Dr. Chacon removes the excess skin and re-drapes the remaining skin on the face for a smoother appearance. He is careful to avoid tightening the skin and underlying tissues too much, as this can create a “pulled” look. Instead, he carefully tightens the skin and tissues to produce noticeable yet natural-looking results.

Can You Commit to the Recovery Period?

Facelift requires downtime. It is imperative that you take one or two weeks off from work and your regular routine to allow your body to heal safely and quickly. Rushing the recovery period can sabotage your results, not to mention increase your risk of post-op complications. If you cannot take time off from work, it is a good idea to postpone the surgery until you can.

Look and Feel Younger with Facelift

If you answered yes to the questions above, Dr. Chacon invites you to schedule a facelift consultation with him. During your appointment, Dr. Chacon will evaluate your facial appearance and discuss your aesthetic needs and goals with you. He can recommend a facial rejuvenation plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

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