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Will My Facelift Scars Be Obvious?

Posted on July 19, 2018 by - Face Procedures

Facelift scarringIf you are considering undergoing facelift to rejuvenate your facial appearance, you have likely thought about the possibility of scarring. The truth is that scarring is inevitable with any surgery. Whenever an incision is made, a scar will eventually appear as part of the body’s natural healing process. How noticeable facelift scars will be after surgery depends on several factors. Dr. Carlos Chacon of Divino Plastic Surgery has years of experience performing facelift and delivering beautiful, natural-looking results. Here, he discusses the top factors that affect the appearance and noticeability of facelift scars.

Your Surgeon’s Experience and Skill

The training and skill of your facelift surgeon play an important role in how well your incisions will heal and scar. A board-certified and experienced surgeon will be knowledgeable and experienced in the most advanced incision techniques. They will know how to place the incisions, how to handle the delicate facial skin and tissues and how to close the incisions for the most natural-looking results and least noticeable scars.

Incision Placement

While facelift does leave a degree of scarring, it is usually concealed by the hairline. Dr. Divino strategically places incisions in the hairline and/or along the natural creases of the skin to minimize visible scarring. However, it is important to note that incision techniques vary depending on the degree of correction needed, desired outcome and the surgeon performing the procedure. Prior to your surgery, be sure to have your surgeon thoroughly describe the details of the procedure, including incision placement, and what steps they take to minimize scarring.

Post-Op Scar Care

It is imperative that you follow all of your doctor’s post-operative instructions on caring for your scars. Avoid picking at your scars and exposing them to the sun as they can become darker due to UV damage. You must also take plenty of time off from work and physical activities to allow your body and scars to heal. Resuming exercise too soon can strain the healing tissues and lead to unsightly scarring.

To learn more about facelift and post-op scarring, schedule a consultation with Dr. Chacon. Contact Divino Plastic Surgery by calling (858) 633-7546 or emailing our office today.